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The Holland Codes is a system to classify jobs into interest clusters or work personality environments. In the Holland Model, these categories represent work personalities.

The work personalities are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.

Use this exercise to find out which code most closely describes you!

Realistic - R (DOERS)

  • Like to work outdoors and work with tools, machines, or animals
  • Motivated by building & repairing
  • Prefer to deal with things rather than with people; generally avoid social activities
  • Value practical things you can see, touch, and use; prefer action, concrete problems, and producing tangible results

Investigative - I (THINKERS)

  • Like to gather information, uncover new facts/theories, & analyze/interpret data
  • Enjoy solving abstract problems & understanding the physical world as in math & science
  • Motivated by analyzing and researching

Artistic - A (CREATORS)

  • Like to work in artistic settings that offer opportunities for self-expression
  • Like to use creativity and imagination

Social - S (HELPERS)

  • Sociable, responsible, and concerned with the welfare of others; like to help people, encourage others, counsel, guide, train, facilitate, and solve problems
  • Value cooperation and consensus

Enterprising - E (PERSUADERS)

  • Enjoy leading, speaking, and selling; enjoy working with other people and leading them toward organizational goals and economic success
  • Impatient with precise work

Conventional -C (ORGANIZERS)

  • Prefer highly ordered activities, both verbal and numerical, that characterize office work
  • Interested in activities that require attention to organization, data systems, detail, and accuracy

Reference: John Holland (1985) Making Vocational Choices
(2nd ed.) Odessa, FL.: Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.


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