Academic Assessment

Academic assessment is the systematic process of gathering, analyzing, and using information about student learning to improve the learning process. It is an essential component of quality improvement and accountability for all departments and academic programs at UW-Whitewater.

A comprehensive system of assessment provides departments and programs with the data they need to make evidence-based decisions and also forms the basis for rich faculty, staff, and student discussions about ways to improve teaching, learning, and department/program function.

Academic Assessment starts with developing the outcomes we want students to achieve. 

Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are statements of what a student will know or be able to do when they have completed a program. They represent the knowledge and skills a program has determined are most important for students to gain from that program. The most useful SLOs are specific and measurable so the program can accurately assess the degree to which students have achieved each outcome, and they align with college and institution mission and values. Data on achievement of SLOs is used to make improvements in the program and increase student success.

Lists of student learning outcomes by program can be found here

More information on assessment can be found here.

Committees at the University Related to Assessment

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Featured Projects  

Check out the assessment work that was happening this past Summer 2015!

Click on the links to see a description of each Summer 2015 assessment project.

Political Science
Race & Ethnic Studies
Languages & Literatures
Theatre & Dance
World of the Arts

Information Technology & Supply Chain Management Critical Thinking Summary

Click here to find a summary of a project completed by Andrew Ciganek, Christina Outlay, and Alana Platt regarding the critical thinking skills of the students in the Information Technology program. The UW-Whitewater Critical Thinking Rubric was utilized in this project. Please find the rubric in our Toolkit, linked at the bottom of this section. 

A&R Self-Study App!

Academic Assessment teamed up with iCIT to develop an App to electronically submit your self studies. This became available for use in June 2015. Please check it out on our A&R Webpage


Check out our Toolkit for rubrics, assessment plans, and many other useful resources!   


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