Academic Assessment at UW-Whitewater

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      Academic Assessment at UW-Whitewater

      Academic programs, as well as individual instructors, are effective only if they can demonstrate that student learning has occurred.

      Members of the LEARN Center staff and its Academic Assessment Advisory Board:

      • assist individual faculty/staff in devising/refining in-course assessment instruments--including test construction, assignment design, etc.;
      • consult with colleges, departments, and graduate programs about design, data collection, data interpretation and program improvement issues as they relate to program assessment efforts;
      • support the campuses macro assessment initiatives relevant to assessing general education and baccalaureate outcomes;
      • assist individual or academic programs in their efforts to assess academic outcomes in non-traditional delivery systems (e.g., distance learning, service learning, etc.).


      Office of Academic Affairs
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      Phone:  262-472-1672
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