The Function of the Audit and Review Committee

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      The Function of the Audit and Review Committee


      1. To conduct an audit and review of each academic program (i.e., major, minor, and general education program) every five years with the intent to:
        • Improve the quality of programs
        • Identify needs for additional study and/or planning
        • Help set priorities for reallocation of resources within or among programs, departments or colleges, and ensure overall institutional financial equilibrium
        • Ensure appropriate standards for program quality
        • Identify the needs and unique circumstances of specific programs
        • Identify non-functional or unnecessarily duplicative programs
        • Identify needs for structural changes in programs or administrative units
      2. To report the results of each audit and review by identifying each program's strengths and weaknesses; making specific recommendation for program improvement; and stating a summary conclusion that the program be a) expanded or augmented with additional resources, b) continued in its present form and at its current resource level, c) changed in form or direction, d) strengthened and reviewed earlier than five years, e) consolidated with other programs, or f) phased out.
      3. To forward reports to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs with informational copies to the appropriate academic units and college deans, to the University Curriculum Committee, and to the Faculty Senate.
      4. To assist academic units with the development and implementation of effective assessment plans for their academic programs.


      Two faculty members elected at-large, each from a different college
      One faculty member elected by and from each college
      One student selected by the Whitewater Student Government
      The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or designee (non-voting chair)
      Director of Institutional Research (non-voting resource person)


      Three-year staggered terms for faculty and one year term for the student

      *For a list of committee members see the University Handbook


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