Audit and Review Overview & Timeline

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      Audit and Review Overview & Timeline

        1. Purpose of Audit and Review
          • Improve the quality of programs
          • Identify needs for further study and/or planning
          • Help set priorities
          • Ensure appropriate standards for program quality
          • Identify needs and unique circumstances of specific programs
          • Identify non-functional and unnecessarily duplicative programs
          • Identify needs for structural changes in programs or administrative units
        2. Procedures
          • Call for self-studies
          • Self-studies completed
          • Committee review of self-studies and tentative report
          • Face-to-face meeting (program, dean, provost, committee)
          • Report (recommendations to program, college, university)
      NOTE: Report will identify strengths, weaknesses, questions, recommendations/requirement, and a final recommendation

      1. Scheduling
        • Call for self-studies, April
        • Self-studies due to Dean, October 1
        • Self-studies due to Chair of Audit & Review Committee, November 1
        • Committee review, October - March
        • Face-to-face meetings, February - May
      2. Format
        • See self study sample on web
        • Ensure assessment plan
        • Include page numbers
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