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Faculty Service Award

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater honors a faculty member each year who has demonstrated outstanding service to the University and the academic profession.

All nominees will be honored at a reception sponsored by the Chancellor and the Provost and receive a framed certificate.  The recipient of the award will:

  • Receive a monetary award,
  • Have his/her name and photograph displayed in the Andersen Library for one year,
  • Be recognized at the Spring commencement ceremony, and
  • Receive recognition at the Chancellor's welcoming speech for the Fall semester.

"Service" is defined as contributions to the University, as well as professional and public services activities.

  • Contributions to the University include contributions to the governance, administration, and operation of the institution.
  • Professional and public service activities include activities in the faculty member's discipline, art, profession, or society, provided that the faculty member provides such service as a practitioner of his/her discipline, art, or profession, or as a representative of the University or University system.
  • Consult the Standard Classification of Performance Data for a list of service activities.
  • Teaching and research activities are excluded from consideration for this award.

Nomination Process

The process for nominating individuals for the Faculty Service Award varies. Some departments nominate individuals, and Colleges may have their own processes for selecting nominees. There is also an open call for nominations for this award. A faculty member, staff member, a college, an academic department or program may nominate someone for this award. Any individual nominated needs to meet the eligibility criteria listed below. 


Any nominee must:

  • Be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member, and
  • Must not be a previous recipient of this award.

Submission of Nomination Materials

The following materials need to be submitted by candidates to Andrea Romine in the Provost's Office by February 15:

  1. A letter of nomination no longer than two typed letter-sized pages.
  2. A narrative of no longer than three typed pages describing the significance of the candidate's service activities.
  3. A listing of titles and dates of service activities. Contributions identified by an applicant must have been made while a member of the faculty at UW-Whitewater.
  4. A completed Faculty and Academic Staff Nominee Submission Form &nbsp submitted by March 1 that includes:  Information about the nominee and the award under consideration,
  • A one-paragraph narrative describing the merits of the nominee for this award (max. 200 words).

 If materials are missing, an individual's nomination for this award may not be considered.

Selection Process

On or before the last day of fall term classes, annually the Faculty Senate shall select a Faculty Senate Award Selection Committee consisting of five faculty Senators to serve a two-year term. Annually, on or before the last day of fall term classes, the Faculty Senate shall select one former recipient of the Faculty Service Award to serve on the Committee.  The Committee will review materials and make a selection.


Final decisions on all awards (made by the selection committee) are due to the Office of the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs by no later than March 15.


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