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UW System Tenure Task Force

At the Board of Regents meeting on March 5, 2015, a task force was appointed to recommend new Board of Regents policies regarding tenure in preparation for its removal by the governor and legislature from state statute.

Post-Tenure Review: An AAUP Response
The AAUP created this policy in response to efforts to protect tenure against critics by promoting what is called post-tenure review.  The document underscores the reality of most institutions of higher education -- including those of the UW-System -- that faculty are currently reviewed in a number of ways.  The document offers the following assessment:  "Post-tenure review must not be a reevaluation of tenure, nor may it be used to shift the burden of proof from an institution's administration (to show cause for dismissal) to the individual faculty member (to show cause why he or she should be retained)."

Tenure Policy Task Force Members

Lopa Basu, UW-Stout
Dorothy Farrar Edwards, UW-Madison
Sarah Mangelsdorf, UW-Madison
Ken Menningen, UW-Stevens Point
Regina Millner, UW System Board of Regents
Mittie Nimocks Den Herder, UW-Platteville
James Schmidt, UW-Eau Claire
Jonathan Shailor, UW-Parkside
Kristene Surerus, UW-Milwaukee
Alan White, UW Colleges                       
Greg Diemer, UW-Stevens Point
Katy Heyning, UW-Whitewater
Patricia McManus, UW-Madison
Steve Meyer, UW-Green Bay
Gary Miller, UW-Green Bay
Christine Roth, UW-Oshkosh
Bradley Seebach, UW-La Crosse
Robert Smith, UW-Milwaukee
Dean Van Galen, UW-River Falls

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Task Force Contact

Katy Heyning
Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies

UW-Whitewater Shared Governance and Tenure Ad Hoc Committee


James M. Hartwick, Ph.D.
Faculty Senate Chair
Elena Levy-Narvarro

Eric Compas

Policies and Guidelines

Attachment  A - Change to Tenure Policy Task Force - July 2015
Attachment  B - Statutory Language on Tenure Affected by 2015 Wisconsin Budget
Attachment  C  -Tenure Resolution as revised - adopted by the BOR 6-5-2015
Attachment  D - RPD 20-23 Faculty Tenure - "New" Draft version RPD 20-23 Faculty Tenure 01/21/2016
Attachment  E - RPD 20-9 Guidelines for Tenured Faculty Review and Development - "New" Draft version RPD 20-9 Post Tenure 01/21/2016
Attachment  F  - Policies and Policy Language on Program Discontinuation and Faculty Layoff - "New" Draft version Program Discontinuation and Faculty Layoff  01/21/2016
Attachment  G - AAUP Recommended Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure
Attachment  H - Tenure Polices from Peer Institutions
Attachment  I - UW Institution Post Tenure Review Policies and Procedures 9-15-2015

​Upcoming Tenure Task Force Meetings

Information about agenda items are posted at or may be obtained from theOffice of the Board of Regents, 1860 Van Hise Hall, Madison, WI 53706 (608)-262-2324



Discussion Materials       

Thursday, September 17

September 17

Thursday, October 22 

October 22  

Draft Existing RPD 20-23 Faculty Tenure
Draft Recommendations for Discussion

Monday, November 30

November 30

Draft Layoff Policy Recommendations
Draft Faculty Post-Tenure Review Policy Recommendations
Suggested Definitions Draft 11-13-15
State Statue on Faculty Layoff or Termination
Chapter UWS 1 - 7
UW  Oshkosh Faculty Senate Resolution on Tenure
UW Madison Proposed Revisions to Faculty Policy and Procedures on Lay off and Termination
UW Madison Proposed Revisions to Faculty Policy and Procedures (Post Tenure Review Policy)

Wednesday, December 23

December 23

Post Tenure Review Policy Draft 12-15-2015
Faculty Layoff and Termination Procedures Draft 12-15-15


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