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Fall 2018 Academic Affairs Newsletter


 Welcome to the 2018-19 academic year! We are pleased to start this new year with 20 new faculty, more than 100 new staff, as well as all of the members of our new branch campus in Rock County. It was an exciting year last year and this year promises to be exciting as well. We will continue our work on the new university Strategic Plan to reach the goals we set for ourselves. And, we continue to work on the smooth integration of Rock County into full partnership with us. Thanks goes out to the dozens of faculty, staff, and students who have been involved in the process so far. Our new partnership offers us many new opportunities and we are even better together.  

One of the top priorities this year is to complete the Strategic Enrollment Planning process that we began last year. Information about this process can be found at: Over 100 faculty, staff and students are engaged in the working groups involved in this process and I would like to thank them for their time and effort so far! Also, we are planning an open forum to preview the plan to the campus for feedback in the Spring 2019 semester.     

We have several new leaders in Academic Affairs that I would like to welcome to the team:

-          College of Education and Professional Studies (COEPS): Robin Fox, Interim Dean, and Lana Collet-Klingenberg, Interim Associate Dean

-          College of Letters and Sciences (COLS): Frank Goza, Interim Dean, and Fe Evangelista, Interim Associate Dean

-          College of Integrated Sciences (CIS) at Rock County: Seth Meisel, Interim Dean, and Kristin Fillhouer, Associate Dean of Student Affairs.  

We will begin national searches for the COEPS and COLS deans later this year.  

We also have four Administrative Development Program Fellows this year, two from UW-Whitewater and two from our new branch campus:

-          Catherine Chan and Susan Wildermuth from Whitewater

-          Tricia Clasen and Kristen Plessel from Rock County  

We are also pleased to have Jonah Ralston continuing in his role as Sustainability Faculty Fellow for a second year. We also have Assessment Fellows (Daniel Baumgardt, Andrea Ednie, Carmen Rivers and S.A. Welch) and LEARN Center Fellows (Catherine Chan, Marilyn Durham, Carolyn Morgan and Heather Pelzel). We appreciate the engagement and leadership of these Fellows!  

From all of us in the Provost's Office, have a great year!  

Susan Elrod

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor


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