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Interim 2010-2012 Progress Report

Professional and Personal Integrity: Progress 2010-2012

Goal 1: Assess the extent to which we are perceived to be student and/or client oriented, as we claim.

In October 2009 a Campus Climate Survey was conducted with a focus on Inclusive Excellence.

Students and staff were asked to "describe the climate in the classroom compared to the co-curricular climate." In response, a number of people reported that the climate in their classrooms and co-curricular activities was welcoming. Though some said they found the climate less welcoming, several indicated that their co-curricular activities were less structured than classroom activities, and for some people this meant that the classroom climate was more respectful of difference.

Most individuals acknowledged that both the UW-System overall, and UW-Whitewater specifically, were primarily "White and middle class." However, many others believed the campus to be diverse, accepting of difference and cohesive.

Some respondents were concerned that Christian and conservative viewpoints received much scorn, and indicated they felt more comfortable voicing their conservative viewpoints in the community, rather than on campus.

Ways to Improve

These survey results identified specific ways to improvce aspects of the climate, and the University has made these areas a focus for the improving our student, staff, and community experience. These included improving accessibility for persons with disabilities; creating methods for recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, students, and administrators of color; becoming a more "LGBTQ aware campus" and eliminating the use of derogatory terms; addressing institutional classism; and encouraging the administration to take leadership roles in issues of diversity and inclusion.

A Great Place to Be

Overall, the vast majority of students and employees appear to be happy at UW-Whitewater. Eighty-one percent of UW-W employees were "highly satisfied" or "satisfied" with their jobs at UW-Whitewater, and 68 percent were "highly satisfied" or "satisfied" with the way their careers have progressed on campus. Ninety percent of students were "highly satisfied" or "satisfied" with their education at UW-W, while 80 percent were "highly satisfied" or "satisfied" with the way their academic careers have progressed at UW-W.

Most respondents (88 percent) indicated that they were "comfortable" or "very comfortable" with the overall climate at UW-W, in their departments or work units (86 percent), and in their classes (87 percent).

The figures in the narrative do show some lingering disparities based on race. A slightly lower percentage of students of color and sexual minority students were satisfied with their educations and with the way their academic careers have progressed at UW-W than were other students.

More Information

Specific data related to student, faculty, and staff satisfaction, including trends and progress since the 2009 survey detailed above, can be accessed in various reports:


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