Academic Affairs

Interim 2010-2012 Progress Report

Professional and Personal Integrity: Progress 2010-2012

Goal 2: Develop long-term strategies to address challenges related to faculty/staff compensation and workload.

Showing their commitment to the faculty of this campus, in the past few years The Chancellor and Provost have maintained budget funding to address salary compression concerns in the 2011-2012 school year despite budget cuts.

A major focus of departments, colleges, and the Human Resources and Diversity Office is to recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff members, and to remain in compliance with our Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy.

Recently, an Academic Staff Assembly Furlough Survey was requested and completed by UW System President, Kevin Reilly, and the Academic Staff Representatives Council asked for "information on the impact of furloughs on faculty and academic staff." The UW-Whitewater Academic Staff Assembly was charged with collecting information from the academic staff on the issue to provide an accurate picture of the situation at UW-W.

For the 2012-2013 school year, a new program was established that will allow eligible faculty opportunities to broaden their experience with higher education administration. This Administrative Development Program will begin in August 2012.


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