Academic Affairs

Interim 2010-2012 Progress Report

Programs and Learning: Progress 2010-2012

Goal 1: Identify and implement means for integrating our shared baccalaureate learning outcomes into our curricular processes, co-curricular planning, the general education review process, LEARN Center programming, and the audit and review process

The audit and review process reflects the strategic planning goals of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. LEAP (Liberal Education and America's Promise) initiatives are now included in the audit and review reporting procedures.

The General Education Review Committee is how the University addresses curricular changes. A "General Education Assessment Summit" was held in the Summer of 2011 and addressed topics such as student writing across the campus units. The results were provided in the General Assessment Summit Report.

LEARN (Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Research Network) Center programming and resources support faculty, staff, programs, and students across campus based on faculty and staff suggestions and the LEARN Center Advisory Board.

The Essential Learning & Assessment Review Committee (ELARC) reviews assessment data, integrates findings from across campus, and uses LEAP as its central organizing framework. ELARC was established in Fall 2011 and provided a Recommendations Report in Spring 2012.

Additionally, the Learning Communities represent an opportunity for a comprehensive experience that links residential, curricular, and non-curricular activities. Each college sponsors a variety of learning communities to fit varying interests.


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