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Interim 2010-2012 Progress Report

Programs and Learning: Progress 2010-2012

Goal 2: Develop an institutional approach to recruiting, matriculating, retaining, and graduating non-traditional student populations through enhancement of services for non-traditional populations, and expansion of curricula and co-curricular programs targeted for non-traditional students.

The Adult Student Outreach Office (ASO) targets non-traditional student populations with information on advising, technology, library and career resources. This office provides a service at the institutional level that targets recruiting, matriculating, and graduating nontraditional student populations.

The Faculty of the Early Childhood Program in the College of Education and Professional Studies have developed a new cohort model, called ECE4U, designed specifically for students transferring with an Applied Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from a Wisconsin Technical College. The first cohort graduated in Spring 2012.

  • Cohort 1 (2010): 12 students (11 graduated Spring 2012)
  • Cohort 2 (2011): 23 students (20 still matriculating)
  • Cohort 3 (2012): 12 students

More Information

The UW-W Institutional Research Office reports detailed retention and graduation rates for various student populations.


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