Interim 2012-2014 Progress Report

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      2012-14 Strategic Planning Goals

      Interim Progress Report (Summer 2013)

      The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater holds itself to a high standard, and seeks to compete as one of the region's top universities. During this two-year period, we are pursuing programs and initiatives in key areas that we believe will help us maintain and improve upon this level of excellence.


        • Goal 1:Review the current academic program array (undergraduate and graduate), adjusting program size and creating new academic programs that align with the university mission, resources, evolving workforce, institutional plans for growth, and projected state, regional, and national needs.

          > Progress toward Goal 1

        • Goal 2:Develop a comprehensive approach to improved advising that promotes an integrated learning and enhanced general education experience, consistent with our campus LEAP initiative.

          > Progress toward Goal 2

        • Goal 3:Develop an institutional approach to consider assessment data across campus units including strategies to evaluate the data, improve teaching and learning, set curricular and co-curricular goals and methods, and communicate the findings to the campus community.

          > Progress toward Goal 3


        • Goal 4:Increase support for faculty, staff, and students to engage in research, creative, and scholarly activity.

          > Progress toward Goal 4

        • Goal 5:Collect, review and disseminate data regarding the levels of participation and effectiveness of high-impact educational practices for various student populations, and use these data to improve our high-impact practices.

          > Progress toward Goal 5


        • Goal 6:Increase the understanding of both domestic multiculturalism and international perspectives as central to university curricular and co-curricular priorities.

          > Progress toward Goal 6

        • Goal 8:Examine and improve campus policies, procedures, and practices to increase the diversity of students, faculty, and staff, as a way to enhance the learning environment for all.

          > Progress toward Goal 8


        • Goal 9:Improve community and regional connections in ways that enhance UW-W capacity to align educational, cultural and athletic programs and services with community and regional needs, and assess the outcomes of these efforts.

          > Progress toward Goal 9

        • Goal 10:Increase campus capacity to connect students, faculty, and staff in service engagement, entrepreneurship, and economic development in ways that advance student learning and foster community and regional partnerships.

          > Progress toward Goal 10


        • Goal 11:Develop a fair and reasonable structure for workload and compensation for faculty, staff, and students.

          > Progress toward Goal 11

      • Goal 12:Assess and enhance the campus culture where respect, civility, personal responsibility, and honesty are valued, modeled, and affirmed.

        > Progress toward Goal 12



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