Interim 2012-2014 Progress Report

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      Goal 10: Increase campus capacity to connect students, faculty, and staff in service engagement, entrepreneurship, and economic development in ways that advance student learning and foster community and regional partnerships.
      Leaders: Denise Ehlen, ORSP; Seth Meisel, Continuing Ed.

      Many existing examples of service engagement, entrepreneurship, and economic development can be found under Goal 9, but specific to increasing our capacity for such activity, a group led by Ehlen and Meisel worked to define terms and gather information in a way that will allow them to establish a clearer picture of how the university functions in this capacity.

      The group will operationalize "service engagement, entrepreneurship, and economic development" and "community and regional partnerships" for the purposes of campus activities and this goal. In both cases they will conduct a literature review to identify common definitions, seek feedback from internal and external stakeholders, and present options to full working group for feedback and to finalize the definition

      They will then conduct an inventory of "service engagement, entrepreneurship, and economic development" activities based upon the above definitions and conduct a needs assessment of community/regional partners.

      Assessing the value of current "service engagement, entrepreneurship, and economic development" activities to current community and regional partners will allow the group to develop recommendations for improvement.

      UWW is developing a Service Learning Curriculum. During the 2012-13 academic year, seven faculty Community Based Learning Fellows trained under coordinators Seth Meisel and Deilee Calvert-Minor. The goal was to "provide year long professional development program for faculty interested in developing best practices in service learning courses and in assessing student learning."

      Plans are underway to create an Outreach Council, modeled after a successful program at the University of Nevado-Reno.

      UWW is pursuing a "Community Engagement" classification from the Carnegie Foundation, which will recognize all of the engagement activities going on across campus. Additionally, it may provide impetus to create a larger infrastructure to support these activities. Compiling information for the application during 2012-13, the application will be submitted April, 2014.

      The Undergraduate Research Program is currently working in collaboration with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and UWW's Innovation Center to help expand opportunities for undergraduate students by placing them into suitable applied projects affiliated with the Center.

      The Summer/Fall 2012 iHUB Showcase featured presentations by participants in the Whitewater Incubation Program (WhIP): iHUB Fellows, Mentors, and Scholars. WhIP consists of a number of different programs designed to provide coaching, mentoring, support, and service to new business ventures linked to the Whitewater University Technology Park Innovation Center.

      The Whitewater Incubation Program hosts its Elements for Success series at the Whitewater University Technology Park Innovation.

      Plans for 2013-14:
      In the coming year the goal group will review literature and best practices to determine models that "advance student learning and foster community and regional partnerships." These can then be compared and contrasted to UWW inventory.

      They intend to develop outcome measures, determining appropriate outcomes metric(s) based upon the definition, inventory, literature, and best practices associated with a goal to benchmarking department/unit, college/division, and/or institutional activity to similar department/unit, college/division, and/or institution.

      The goal group will then develop recommendations to increase capacity and include clear/explicit assessment strategies based upon above tasks and measures.

      A second cohort of Community Based Learning and Teaching Fellows will be recruited and trained to develop service learning courses focused on civic engagement for year long projects, running Spring to Fall 2014.


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