Interim 2012-2014 Progress Report

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      Goal 12: Assess and enhance the campus culture where respect, civility, personal responsibility, and honesty are valued, modeled, and affirmed.
      Leader: Mary Beth Mackin, Dean of Students

      An ad-hoc committee (Beaver, Bronson, Bucholz, Kumpaty, Mackin, McPhail, Pinkerton, L. Yu) met throughout the Spring 2013 semester to define relevant terms, identify existing campus documents and policies relevant to campus culture, and begin formulating recommendations for improvement.

      Key definitions include "Respect": Recognizing and demonstrating the worth or value of persons, property and community;"Civility": Demonstrating respect by behaving towards others as you would desire them to behave towards you; "Honesty": Sincere expression of the truth; and "Personal Responsibility": Fulfilling individual and organizational obligations and commitments with equity, integrity, accountability, and acceptance of the consequences that come from our actions as well as an understanding of how those actions affect others.

      The committee reviewed a variety of UWW documents and policies and assessed them for consistency, clarity, availability and relevance. This review process illustrated the fact that the institution's policies are sometimes difficult to identify and often are not clear. Additionally, some of the policies do little to insure the tenets of respect, civility, personal responsibility and honesty.

      The committee identified a broad range of existing campus initiatives and programs that relate to the identified terms; they include in no particular order:

      Student Conduct Process Student Organization Conduct Process
      Make a Difference Day Anti-hazing webinar/hotline/education
      Residence Life programs CARE Team
      NSS Academic Integrity sessions Sexual Harassment Webinar
      COBE Student Honor Code Statement on Chemistry Exams
      MapQuest Learning Communities
      Anti-hazing quiz Hazing training done for police
      ADA Compliance Fund Greek Community Standards Process
      Panhellenic Council statement on transgender students Roommate Contracts Pride Center
      Warhawk Connection Center Student Employment Practices/training
      Career counseling and advising model Intramural Sportsmanship Ratings
      Establishment of Classified Staff Council Inclusive Excellence Work
      Sexual Assault Prevention work (SASA) Sexual harassment training video
      Annual Safety & Security Report Warhawks CARE campaign
      Student employee online integrity quiz Student Affairs Programs
      Diversity Advocate Program Bystander Intervention Program
      Outreach programming regarding student behavior LEAP ELO - Personal & Social Responsibility
      Center for Global Education's work with international students

      The committee recommends the following for future work to improve campus culture and values of integrity:

      • Promote the "Guide for Citizenship" throughout the campus. Include in orientation for students and faculty/staff, New Student Seminar classes, Learn Center sessions, Department meetings, Chancellor's staff, AAS, Dean's Council and others.
      • Combine the Student Handbook and Undergraduate Catalog so that expectations and policies for students are all presented together in one place and are more accessible.
      • Include training on integrity issues for all student employees.
      • Review the Honor Code in the College of Business & Economics and consider creating similar codes for each college (or University-wide).
      • Form workgroups to create shared and understood definitions of "Academic Freedom" and "Shared Governance" for UW-Whitewater.
      • Explore the possibility of having LearnCenter workshops related to the shared understanding of Academic Freedom and of Shared Governance.
      • Infuse the topics of respect, civility, personal responsibility and honesty into sessions at student orientation and new faculty/staff orientation.
      • Infuse this goal (or an expanded statement of civility) throughout the student culture, as well as the faculty and staff cultures.
      • Examine the intersection of "professional responsibility" and the various sets of personnel rules in use.
      • Consider how to infuse the five university values into performance reviews.
      • Consider adding the university values statement to position descriptions (or at least a modified statement).
      • Create employee awards that recognize personal responsibility and integrity.

      Other initiatives:
      Special Collections at Anderson Library reviewed campus Record Retention and Disposition Agreements (RRDA) sunset rules, obtained signatures, and submitted them to the Wisconsin Public Records Board in Fall 2012. The opt-in/opt-out (of retention guidelines in the new general schedules vs. local retention periods that may be longer) portion of the report was accepted. In consultation with the campus police unit about its records, Special Collections also began a project to scan campus police files from University Archives to make them accessible online by campus police.

      In the spirit of the LEARN Center, Continuing Education Services (CES) is working with the Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) and the Inclusive Excellence Committee to support professional development programming for classified staff.

      On May 9, 2013, CES hosted a workshop for classified staff members entitled "Communicating in a Global Campus Community." Matthew Kaeiser from the University of Miami spoke to approximately 60 staff members offering tips to effectively communicate with ESL students. Participants gave an overall rating of 8.97 (1=low, 10=high) to the workshop.

      Plans for 2013-14:
      Based on feedback from the SPBC or from further meetings, the goal group will highlight three or four of the above recommendations and develop action plans to work toward meeting that recommendation.

      CES will reach out to campus and non-campus resources and experts to offer programs that support the professional development of our classified staff, and their needs as lifelong, adult learners.

      CoBE will create an Integrity interest group to facilitate development of a required course on social responsibility that includes modules in diversity, sustainability, personal and professional ethics and leadership, integrating the student code of conduct into the course.


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