Interim 2012-2014 Progress Report

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      Goal 3: Develop an institutional approach to consider assessment data across campus units including strategies to evaluate the data, improve teaching and learning, set curricular and co-curricular goals and methods, and communicate the findings to the campus community.
      Leader: Joan Cook, Director of Assessment

      The Essential Learning & Assessment Review Committee (ELARC) leads university efforts to review assessment data across campus and uses it to recommend improvements in teaching and learning. ELARC focuses specifically on UWW's undergraduate Bacchelaurate learning outcomes (i.e., the LEAP ELOs adopted from the LEAP initiative). ELARC is finalizing its 2012-13 annual report, which includes assessment data collected from across campus, documents progress toward previous recommendations, and updates those recommendations for the coming academic year.

      The Office of Academic Assessment has made changes to increase its integration in campus life. A new permanent, full-time Director of Assessment was hired in January 2013 to work closely with Audit & Review and to support programs and departments in designing, developing, and using assessment.

      The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) and The Office of Academic Assessment have moved into a newly renovated suite in Heide Hall 450 in an effort to foster greater coordination of their respective work. IRP has hired a new director beginning August 2013.

      All four academic colleges and the Division of Student Affairs have now established assessment committees, and the Academic Staff Assembly have plans to integrate assessment into their system of rewards and recognition with new criteria for 2013-14.

      UW-Whitewater held its first Assessment Day in April 2013, with 28 poster presentations and oral presentations highlighting assessment activities across campus.

      In response to ELARC's call to develop campus wide rubrics to define the nature and progression of student learning, the past year has seen the Inclusive Excellence committee develop and workshop a Diversity Learning Rubric under the leadership of Dr. Pilar Melero (Languages & Literatures), Dr. Lauren Smith (Women 's Studies) and Dr. Dennis Kopf (Marketing).

      A summer 2013 workshop led by Dr. Joan Cook (Director of Assessment),Dr. Jolly Emrey (Political Science), Dr. Linda Yu (Finance & Business Law), and Barbara Bren (Andersen Library) led to the drafting of a Critical Thinking Rubric.

      ICIT introduced ePortfolio through D2L - a tool that facilitates student self-assessment as well as programmatic assessment of learning outcomes. ICIT worked closely with various departments to develop Program Specific ePortfolio Templates and developed training both for programmatic and self-assessment use of ePortfolio.

      Plans for 2013-14:
      In addition to the five stated goals in the ELARC annual report, the committee will be working on articulating strategies for evaluating data and on improving means of disseminating relevant information. They will coordinate their work with other assessment related committees on campus.

      Assessment Day 2014 is scheduled for Tuesday, February 25, 2014.

      The Critical Thinking Rubric group will continue developing, testing, and refining their rubric to prepare for campus wide use.

      Academic Affairs and ICIT worked together to deploy a database with technology that provides Department Chairs access to student enrollment information necessary for program review, annual reports, and other assessment activities. Department Chairs are now able to query information and generate reports from the 10th day of enrollment for a period of time up to ten years back. ICIT also developed a special training program for accessing the data, and many Department Chairs and others have already participated.


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