Interim 2012-2014 Progress Report

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      Goal 5: Collect, review and disseminate data regarding the levels of participation and effectiveness of high-impact educational practices for various student populations, and use these data to improve our high-impact practices (HIPs).
      Leader: Matt Aschenbrener, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment & Retention

      The University Honors Program assessed participation levels over recent years and formulated a plan of action to create greater integration with other campus HIPs and in an attempt to improve inclusivity.

      The Undergraduate Research Program conducted an extensive survey of student and faculty participants. They are also are working closely with IR to collect and analyze programmatic data that we are using to inform program improvement. For example, current data indicates that freshman and sophomore students are still underrepresented in our program, and so they implemented changes to increase our effort in this area. The same is true with their goal of increasing the number of adult non-traditional students in the UR program.

      The Associate Vice Chancellor's office organized and co-facilitated a LEAP workshop series with 117 participants on 21 LEAP teams. All teams explored the LEAP ELOs and developed action plans to implement elements of LEAP in their departments and units. One LEAP team for 2013 is focusing on how to expand the use of HIPs for non-traditional students. They are investigating how accessible various HIPs are for non-trad student schedules and encouraging faculty to expand or improve access.

      The Center for Global Education (CGE) underwent a major self-assessment and realignment in order to increase the number of students with international experiences (a 4.8% increase in 2012-13), improve faculty involvement in study abroad initiatives, and create greater efficiency in office operations.

      CGE began to collaborate with Dr. Greg Cook, Associate Vice Chancellor, to assess the current faculty-led program proposal form and process and to identify changes that would ensure stronger and more complete proposals, with the goal of ensuring UW-Whitewater faculty lead academically rigorous and stimulating programs abroad.

      Plans for 2013-14:
      CGE will identify two ambassadors and two student mentees to submit session proposal discussing the program and, if selected, present with CGE International Student Advisor at the 2014 NAFSA Region 5 Conference.


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