Interim 2012-2014 Progress Report

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      Goal 6: Increase the understanding of both domestic multiculturalism and international perspectives as central to university curricular and co-curricular priorities.
      Leader: Pilar Melero, Administrative Fellow

      Much of the work has centered on two areas: the development and spread of "Inclusive Excellence" through the Chancellor's Committee on Inclusive Excellence and the development of a "Diversity Learning Rubric."

      As part of this work, a subcommittee has developed a diversity learning rubric that will assist in evaluating the knowledge and attitude of UWW students towards issues of "diversity." Beginning with an expanded definition of "diversity," they convened a three day summit, the "Defining & Assessing Diversity" Workshop, over Winterim 2013 to develop a first draft of this rubric. Over the course of Spring 2013, it was revised and tested. Though the rubric was originally intended for measuring student learning on diversity issues, it has also been identified as a training tool by some campus organizations, such as the LGBTQ Office.

      Members of the Chancellor's Committee on Inclusive Excellence held question and discussion sessions across campus with units of all types during the 2012-13 academic year. In addition, a group of UW-Whitewater's Inclusive Excellence members attended a two-day workshop at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in August where they identified clear operational goals for inclusive excellence at UW-Whitewater, the main objective being "graduating students who are able to thrive in a diverse environment."

      URP provide additional grant funding to UR students whose projects require international travel. We are also working more closely with the Center for Global Education to provide more information and support for students who would like to conduct research while studying abroad.

      The Campus Diversity Forum was held September 27-28, 2012, bringing together people from across campus with a number of veterans of the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer Project. The theme was "Student Leadership and Inclusive Excellence," and in addition to lectures and discussions, invited participants visited undergraduate classrooms to lead discussions.

      The Foreign Language unit of the Department of Languages and Literatures massively revised its popular Language Day for local high school students into "World Languages and Cultures Day," held February 22, 2013. The revision changed the focus of the festival from language competition to cultural learning, and was designed to increase participation by UWW students.

      ICIT assisted the Center for Global Education in transitioning its operations to the web-based software StudioAbroad, which is a complete information center for students and faculty traveling abroad. It enables enrollment management, application, registration, and reporting processes. ICIT developed multiple interfaces to WINS, as well as helped the Center to assure smooth system deployment.

      The University created and approved an Intensive English Program, intended to attract, integrate, and keep a greater number of international students at UWW.

      The Center for Global Education (CGE) made major efforts to increase international student enrollment, travelling and researching student recruitment in China as well as increasing and improving marketing materials aimed at bringing international students to UWW.

      CGE received approval to hire UW-Whitewater's first Coordinator of International Student Recruitment and Admissions. This position was filled and began July 1, 2013.

      CGE received an Inclusive Excellence Initiatives grant to implement a Global Ambassador program designed to foster the academic success of international students, improve international students' satisfaction with their first-year experience, and provide opportunities for international and U.S. students to live with and learn from one another. The Office of Career and Leadership Development is lending their expertise to strengthen this initiative. CGE hired 12 well-qualified ambassadors and conducted a 6-hour training on May 3, 2013.

      CGE hosted the first annual International Education Week at UW-Whitewater. Activities included cultural entertainment, a film showing reflecting on cultural differences, faculty presentations, student presentations, International Trivia Contest in Wells Residence Hall, a Global Experiences Fair, and a Global Experiences Scholarship Workshop. IEW week began with cultural entertainment and an Open House at the CGE and culminated in the International Dinner attended by approximately 320 persons. A campus-wide initiative to fold 1,000 cranes to celebrate the transformational power of living and learning with people from other cultures resulted in over 2,000 cranes.

      The College of Arts & Communication awarded its first Inclusive Excellence Awards to Mr. Michael Flanagan and Professor Barbara Penington. The award was created to acknowledge and reward faculty and staff who have made significant contributions to the college's inclusive excellence efforts.

      Global Education major continues to progress in the College of Education & Professional Studies (COEPS). COEPS has reworked its College International Education committee, which now overseeing all international initiatives. The teacher education program in Jamaica is newly re-focused, and COEPS strengthened programs in Sweden and Mexico. The Ecuador program will now involve service learning in addition to student teaching.

      The College of Letters & Sciences (L&S) developed and approved a new Disabilities Studies Certificate, which includes two new courses: English 305: "Literature of Disability," and Political Science 331: "Disability Politics and Policy."

      A group of faculty, led by Lauren Smith. . . . L&S introduced a curriculum for a Global Engagement Certificate, and the first student to earn the certificate graduated in May 2013. A group of faculty, led by Lauren Smith, also created a Diversity Leadership Certificate. The certificate, an honors program, seeks to provide students with opportunities to advance their diversity skills as well as develop a tool (an e-portfolio) that they can take with them when they graduate from UW-Whitewater, alongside the certificate. The certificate developed through LEAP funding and following LEAP guidelines, has gone through the curricular process and has been approved.

      The Academic Advising & Exploration Center teamed up with the Center for Global Education to create an orientation for new international students.

      Plans for 2013-14:
      The Diversity Learning rubric group plans to further develop, test, and implement the campus rubric. The rubric group intends first to continue testing the rubric and revising it. The most important facet follows: distributing the rubric across campus and meeting with relevant parties to discuss the rubric and how it might be deployed. This could range from faculty to Resident Assistants, from the Panhellenic Council to the college Deans. They intend to work with the groups on means of assessing student growth in understanding of both domestic multiculturalism and international perspectives.

      The Chancellor's Committee on Inclusive Excellence is working with the College of Letters and Sciences, The College of Arts and Communications, and the College of Education to create a faculty-led, college-level Inclusive Excellence Committee in each college to help advance identified goals.

      Over the 2013-14 year, ICIT will continue working with Center for Global Education, redesigning their website to make it more internationally friendly and enhance overall user experience.

      Plans are underway for the Diversity Forum 2013, to be held week of November 4, 2013.

      CGE will implement their international student enrollment management plan for 2013-2014 by participating in recruitment fairs in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore during Fall 2013 and a Latin American fair in Spring 2014.

      CGE host an even more vibrant and successful International Education Week attracting more participants at each event, and providing additional ways for participants to engage in intercultural activities.

      The School of Graduate Studies & Continuing Education is looking to offer new and existing travel study programs that address domestic multiculturalism as part of their course objectives.

      COEPS is looking to start new program for FTP students in London.

      The Women's Studies Department in L&S will begin awarding Diversity Leadership Certificates in Spring 2014. Students are already taking courses toward meeting the requirements.

      The CoBE Inclusive Excellence Committee began meeting monthly in October 2012. The committee discussed initiatives to enhance recruitment and retention of women and multicultural students, ways to enhance student and faculty multicultural competence, and plans for the fall 2014 Diversity Forum.


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