Interim 2012-2014 Progress Report

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      Goal 7: Identify, examine and implement models for success for students of opportunity.
      Leaders: Richard McGregory, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Multicultural Affairs & Student
      Success; Matt Aschenbrenner, Asst. Vice Chancellor for Enrollment & Retention

      The group first identified some of the already existing programs focused on students of opportunity-programs like Pathways for Success, tutoring, King/Chavez Scholars, New Student Seminar, specialized Learning Communities, Non-traditional student programs, the Summer Business Institute, and Future Teacher Program. The group then examined the success of those programs in terms of student retention, GPA performance, major qualification, and graduation.

      The Office of Enrollment and Retention and the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Student Success co-wrote and received UW System grant for Expanding Pathways, which is now serving 150 students.

      The Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP) as an opportunity to better serve young students of opportunity in COBE and COEPS, two colleges whose students have been traditionally underserved. This program was supported by a Strategic Initiative Grant and then College discretionary fund, but has now moved to an expanded and central funding from the Provost's office.

      ICIT introduced TechQuest, an online tour of UW-Whitewater's technology resources for all incoming and transferring students. Students are able to engage with UWW before they arrive on campus and take the modules at their own pace, which can be particularly helpful for those who are not tech savvy. This is especially true for "students of opportunity"who may not have had as much exposure to technology as their classmates during high school, or for returning adults, whose classroom environment looked very different the last time around.

      Campus Tutorial Services noted that underrepresented multicultural (URM) students utilized tutoring at a higher rate than the general university population. In addition, there was a 52% increase in overall campus utilization of tutoring.

      Reference librarians at the Anderson Library coordinated with Lynn Smith to offer non-traditional students lunch-time meetings for training in information literacy.

      The Veterans' Lounge in the Andersen Library held an Awards Ceremony May 3, 2013, recognizing the efforts of Elizabeth Watson and the campus as a whole in providing services for members of the military. Deputy Secretary Trepanier presented Dr. Elizabeth Watson and Chancellor Telfer's Veterans and Service Members committee with a veteran volunteer award. UW-Whitewater was named a Military Friendly School for 2013 by GI Jobs.

      SGSCE collaborated with the Math Department in the College of Letters and Sciences to design a 1-unit math preparation course targeted to returning adult and non-traditional students. This self-paced, online math tutoring system includes placement assessments, instructional support and testing upon completion of the course.

      Admissions moved to a school-focused approach to recruitment (vs. population based) and reading of applications which will foster relationships with school counselors at schools with high numbers of URM students attending UWW.

      Plans for 2013-14:
      The goal group will identify models for success at other institutions for comparison to our own, and with an eye to replicating successful models.

      Other plans for further work on this goal include interviewing the relevant directors and coordinators, creating focus groups, working with the office of Institutional Research to analyze outcomes data, and to focus on 3-4 programs each year.

      CoBE is looking to develop a mentoring program that brings together faculty and students of opportunity, including women, multicultural students and low income, first generation students.


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