Yamin Ahmad, chair
Economics Department
HH 4304C
(262) 472-5576


About the Programs

At the heart of the department is an emphasis on applied economics that prepares students for a wide range of careers in the private and public sectors, as well as further study in graduate programs.

Resource allocation, cost-benefit analysis, efficiency, economic growth, inflation, unemployment and equity are some of the issues students will investigate while pursuing an economics degree.

The department's applied nature provides students with many opportunities to work with faculty who are actively engaged in local, regional and national research. These include employment in the Fiscal and Economic Research Center, through undergraduate research projects and participation in the Whitewater Economics Society. Internships are also available.

Students will find faculty members to be analytical, critical, engaged, approachable and professional.

The career opportunities for graduates vary and can include market or policy analysis, banking and finance, teaching or any other entry-level position in business or government that values analytical skills and quantitative literacy.

Faculty/Staff Information

Faculty/Staff Office Phone Email
Yamin Ahmad HH4402 (262) 472-5576
David Bashaw HH4403 (262) 472-5585
John Dominguez HH4408 (262) 472-5586
Mark Eiswerth HH4401 (262) 472-1776
Stuart Glosser HH4410 (262) 472-5580
Jeffery Heinrich HH4304C (262) 472-5583
Russell Kashian HH4404 (262) 472-5584
Denton Marks HH4406 (262) 472-5577
Richard McGregory MC226 (262) 472-2804
Kristen Roche HH4405 (262) 472-5579
Tom Schweigert HH4412 (262) 472-5582
Ran Tao HH4407 (262) 472-5447
Daniel Teferra HH4409 (262) 472-1747
David Welsch HH4400 (262) 472-4715


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