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General Management

General Management


James W. Bronson, Chair
Management Department
Hyland 4504
(262) 472-5456

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Award-winning faculty members and student organizations are the driving forces behind the Management Department.

The department is home to four majors, including: entrepreneurship, general management, human resource management and operations and supply chain management. With the largest number of faculty members in the College of Business and Economics, the department is responsible for three of the college's seven required upper-division core courses. Management Department faculty members also teach more online courses than any other department in the UW System.

Faculty members are approachable and up-to-date, and include business leaders from industry who bring real-world expertise to the classroom. Together faculty members bring 250 years of teaching and research experience to the department and speak more than 10 languages. Internationalization and globalization are core values of the department's curriculum and teaching.

Students will graduate prepared for the future, thanks to leadership opportunities in eight student organizations and more than 100 internship opportunities.

Graduates can pursue careers in human resources, business ownership, purchasing, logistics, supply chain management, planning and retail management.

Faculty/Staff Information

Faculty/Staff Office Phone Email
Helena Addae HH4501 (262) 472-5443
Dennis Baskin HH4504 (262) 472-1226
Tom Bramorski HH4521 (262) 472-5444
James Bronson HH4504 (262) 472-3965
William Dougan HH4513 (262) 472-1159
William Drago HH4507 (262) 472-3994
Ronald Gayhart MC416 (262) 472-1689
Yezdi Godiwalla HH4525 (262) 472-3902
Jerry Gosenpud HH4523 (262) 472-3956
Steve Guo HH4500 (262) 472-3207
Jeff Ianz UC245 (262) 472-1533
Georgiana Luecker HH4510 (262) 472-1226
Manohar Madan HH4519 (262) 472-5455
Praveen Parboteeah HH4515 (262) 472-3971
Richard Pues HH4504 (262) 472-1226
Sameer Prasad HH4517 (262) 472-5440
Marcia Pulich HH4502 (262) 472-5442
Craig Schmidt HH4510 (262) 472-1226
James Sisak HH4506 (262) 472-5441
Patrick Tierney HH4504 (262) 472-1226
Louise Tourigny HH4509 (262) 472-5735
Jeff Vanevenhoven HH4511 (262) 472-5465
Richard Wagner HH4505 (262) 472-5478
John Washbush HH4504 (262) 472-1226
Jon Werner HH4503 (262) 472-2007


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Whitewater, WI 53190-1790
Directory Assistance: (262) 472-1234

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