Media Arts and Game Development

Media Arts and Game Development

Media Arts & Game Development

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The MAGD curriculum is a multidisciplinary program aimed at producing graduates who can thrive in a world where technology is changing us and the world around us at an extremely rapid pace. Graduates of our program should be able to critically analyze, design, build and test interactive informational media, games and other forms of digitally mediated content. Our program intentionally spreads classwork across a range of liberal arts disciplines so that we produce graduates who are not only adept at manipulating technologies and practical skill sets, but also have the broader framework of critical thinking and analysis resulting from participation in a wide range of liberal arts curricula.

The student pursuing the MAGD Major chooses one of three separate emphases, each focusing on different aspects of the discipline:

Communication/Gaming explores the communicative and interactive aspects of media as well as game design and theory, and may lead to such careers as Web Site Developer (XHTML and Flash), Game Developer, Interface Developer, Usability Engineer, Game Producer

Technology focuses on the programming requirements of game development, and may lead to such careers as Software Developer, Level Designer, Casual Game/Mobile Media Developer.

Visual Media Design addresses aesthetic considerations, and may lead to careers in Graphic Media Imaging, Web and Interactive Media, Raster/Vector and 3D Modeling, Graphics and Animation, Digital Video and Motion Graphics, Storyboarding, and Prototype Packaging Designer.

Faculty/Staff Information

Faculty/Staff Office Phone Email
Peter Conover L1209 (262) 472-5659
Denis Dale CA2067 (262) 472-1589
Josh Fishburn   (262) 472-5082
Chris Henige CA2064 (262) 472-5565
Jeff Herriott L1202 (262) 472-1424
Robert Horton HH3420 (262) 472-1206
Julie Letellier MG305 (262) 472-5684
Hien Nguyen MG106 (262) 472-5170
Barbara Penington HE461 (262) 472-1034
Spencer Striker   (262) 472-5578
Gautam Wadhwa CA2071 (262) 472-1642
Xiahong Zhang CA2062 (262) 472-5568


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