Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management


Tom Bramorski, Program Coordinator
Management Department
Hyland 4521
(262) 472-5444


About the Programs

Award-winning faculty members and student organizations are the driving forces behind the Operations and Supply Chain Management program.

The program has been developed in coordination with the local industry and provides a challenging curriculum which draws in the latest developments in supply chain management, production management, lean manufacturing, project management and quality management.

Faculty members bring an international orientation to the program including internships in India, and travel abroad programs in Japan. Within the class students get to develop solutions to real world issues that local companies are facing.

Students will graduate prepared for the future, thanks to leadership opportunities in APICS organizations and scores of internship opportunities.

Graduates can pursue careers in Materials Management, Purchasing/Sourcing, Production Planning Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Quality Management.

Faculty/Staff Information

Faculty/Staff Office Phone Email
Tom Bramorski HH4521 (262) 472-5444 bramorst@uww.edu
Manohar Madan HH4519 (262) 472-5455 madanm@uww.edu
Sameer Prasad HH4517 (262) 472-5440 prasads@uww.edu
Hungchung Su HH4514
Pues Rick HH4504 (262) 472-5441 puesr@uww.edu
James Sisak HH4506 (262) 472-5441 sisakj@uww.edu
Patrick Tierney HH4504 (262) 472-1226 tierneyp@uww.edu


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