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Special Education

Special Education


Rowand Robinson, chair
Special Education Department
Winther 4037
(262) 472-5819

About the Programs

The Special Education Department offers students multiple degrees and specialized licenses, preparing graduates for work in special education classrooms in Wisconsin and beyond. The program is accredited by the Council for Exceptional Children and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Students can earn cross-categorical degrees with an emphasis in learning disabilities and behavior disorders or in cognitive disabilities, as well as a degree in early childhood education. Graduates of the early childhood education program will earn licensure in both general and special education and can teach in early intervention (birth to age 3), preschool, kindergarten and early elementary grades.

All courses are taught by experienced educators who are involved in area school districts. Faculty members are solid researchers and many are recognized leaders within the Council for Exceptional Children national organization.

Students will graduate prepared to give educational assessments thanks to practice they gain through the Florence Kopas Special Education Assessment Center.

Placement in field experiences in local school districts will prepare students for their required student-teaching experience. International field experiences to Cuenca, Ecuador, for example, are also available. Students can also apply for special education internships.

Students can gain valuable professional experience through participation in student chapters of the Student Council for Exceptional Children.

Graduates of the program may go on to teach in special education classrooms or pursue careers in adult services for people with disabilities.

Faculty/Staff Information

Faculty/Staff Office Phone Email
Nancy Andrysiak WH5048 (262) 472-5357 andrysin@uww.edu
Kathryn Casey WH5047 (262)472-1225 caseyk@uww.edu
Lana Collet-Klingenberg WH5038 (262)472-5380 colletkl@uww.edu
James Colllins WH5044 (262)472-5804 collinjc@uww.edu
Heather Dahl WH5048 dahlh@uww.edu
Simone DeVore WH4036 (262) 472-5808 devores@uww.edu
David Gordon WH5046 (262) 472-5376 gordond@uww.edu
Amy Stevens-Griffith WH5039 (262) 472-5819 griffita@uww.edu
Nomsa Gwalla-Ogisi WH5033 (262) 472-5807 gwallan@uww.edu
Kelly Jewell WH5049 (262) 472-3091 jewellk@uww.edu
Kristal Kagy WH4034 (262) 374-4433 kagyk@uww.edu
Sharon Kolb WH5041 (262) 472-4831 kolbs@uww.edu
Kellah Lewis   lewisk@uww.edu
Richard Lombard lombardr@uww.edu
Ann Riall rialla@uww.edu
Rowand Robinson WH5034 (262) 472-5819 robinsot@uww.edu
Tia Schultz WH5045 (262) 472-5375 Schulttr@uww.edu
Shannon Stuart WH5042 (262) 472-4877 stuarts@uww.edu
Ozalle Toms WH5040 (262) 472-5813 tomso@uww.edu
Brooke Winchell WH4038 (262) 472-5809 winchelb@uww.edu


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