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Academic Network    Visit Our Page

mass-diversity AcademicThis program targets incoming freshmen who have participated in the UW-Whitewater Pre-College Programs and are now attending UW-Whitewater for their undergraduate work. The program helps guide, develop and provide resources for pre-college and college students on academic and social issues to increase their retention and graduation at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  The focus is on supporting Pre-College and College students' academic endeavors by connecting them with campus resources, community events, and educational programs.

Latino Student Program    Visit Our Page

mass-diversity latinoLatino Student Programs (LSP) hopes to improve the overall retention and graduation rate of Latino students by providing academic and personal counseling. Not only is counseling provided, but creative, innovative, cultural and educational programming, and general assistance in adapting to life at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Along with these, a clearinghouse for Latino concerns foster a more expansive and multidimensional role in university retention activities is also offered. LSP also encourages long-term planning for students in order to prepare them for graduate school and/or job placement.

Southeast Asian Support Services                  Visit Our Page

mass-diversity SoutheastSoutheast Asian Support Services (SASS) provides resources for Southeast Asian students on academic, social and personal issues to increase retention and graduation by connecting with Academic Support Services, the community, parents, and student organizations. The Southeast Asian Support Services (SASS) helps guide, develop and provide resources for Southeast Asian students on academics and social issues to increase their retention and graduation at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Southeast Asian Support Services (SASS) focuses on supporting Southeast Asian students' academic endeavors by connecting them with campus resources, community events, and educational programs.

African American Network    Visit Our Page

mass-diversity AfricanThe African American Network serves to enhance retention rates, develop and assist African American students in graduation.  We are dedicated to providing academic and personal support as well as various other resources to maximize the educational experience here at UW-Whitewater.  The main focus is on supporting African American students' academic endeavors by connecting them with campus resources, community events, and educational programs.

McNair Scholars Program    Visit Our Page

mass-diversity McNair The UW-Whitewater McNair Scholars Program prepares low income, first generation and/or groups underrepresented: Black (Non-Hispanic), Hispanic, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiians, and Native American Pacific Islanders for doctoral study as well as eventual careers as faculty.
This program promotes:

  • Research in scholarly activities
  • Enrollment in graduate programs
  • Continued enrollment in graduate programs
  • Doctoral degree attainment

A central feature of the program is the mentoring provided by UW-Whitewater faculty, where each scholar receives guidance in working on a research project, as well as regular contact with a professional role model. The research component requires each scholar to complete a research project and present that project at a professional conference. Scholars participate in a research internship during their second summer at a university, regional, or national research center.

Sophomore & Transfers Exploring Program Services             Visit Our Page

mass-diversity steps4Provides information and opportunities for sophomore and transfer students about resources such as grants and scholarships, internships, graduate school, peer mentorships, and other various professional development and high impact practices within their majors. Our goal is to make sophomore and transfer students more comfortable and informed about their campus, while viewing perspectives from other transfer peer mentors.

King / Chavez Scholars    Visit Our Page

mass-diversity kingThe King/Chavez Scholars program was initiated at UW-Whitewater in the fall of 1997. It was designed to complement the array of multicultural/disadvantaged programs at UW-Whitewater that serve the interests and needs of first generation/low income TRIO students. The King Chavez Scholars program is designed to attract and retain scholars for participation in the following: McNair Scholars Program; University Honors Program; Undergraduate Research Program.

Native American Support Services                Visit Our Page 

mass-diversity NASS2 Native American Support Services (NASS) provides academic advising and tutoring as well as financial counseling to Native students. NASS works to make sure that Native Students are able to have the best experiences possible at UW-Whitewater. NASS helps to relieve some of the academic and financial stresses of college life while keeping students informed of valuable research and internship opportunities that will benefit each student in their future.

Internship Opportunities    Visit Our Page

mass-diversity Intern

PreCollege Programs    Visit Our Page

The Office of PreCollege Programs seeks to provide information and support related to postsecondary education access for students that may experience barriers by creating a culture supportive of academic success.