Multicultural Initiatives

Academic Network

This initiative targets incoming freshmen who have participated in the UW-Whitewater Pre-college Programs and are now attending UW-Whitewater for their undergraduate work. The program helps guide, develop and provide resources for pre-college and college students on academic and social issues to increase their retention and graduation at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  The focus is on supporting Pre-College and College students' academic endeavors by connecting them with campus resources, community events, and educational programs.


  • Create and provide outlets for students' academic and social interests.
  • Serve as a link between Pre-College and College students and UW-Whitewater campus and faculty.
  • Increase the retention rate of Pathways for Success students at UW-Whitewater

Services Offered:

  • Academic Services: Provides secondary academic advising for students such as course selection, major/minor exploration, referrals, and career exploration.
  • Study Table: Academic Achievers give students opportunities to study together to share ideas and resources.  Students are encouraged to utilize the tutorial center for academic help.
  • Resources: Provides resources to UW-Whitewater students who are looking for assistance4 in academic, career, and social/cultural retention activities.
  • Activities: Sponsors and co-sponsors academic programs and cultural activities.



Academic Network, Advisor: John Dominguez Jr.
225 McCutchan Hall 262-472-5330