McNair Scholars

Congratulations to Recent Graduates

Fall 2013

Bridgette Jordan

Major : Elementary Education
Future Plans: Will attend UW-Whitewater in the Spring of 2014 in the Master of Science Education in Professional Development (MSE-PD) program, to become a Reading Specialist

Christopher Maniece

Major: Psychology
Future Plans: Will attend UW-Whitewater in the Spring of 2014 in the Master of Science (M.S.) program in Counseling

Choua Khang

Major: Sociology
Future Plans:
Will attend UW-Whitewater in the Spring of 2014 for a Master of Science in Education (M.S.E.) program in School Business Management

Precious Holmes

Major: Elementary Education
Future Plans:
Will attend UW-Whitewater in the Spring of 2014 for a Master of Science in Education in Professional Development (MSE-PD) for Higher Education Administration

LaShauna Wint

Major: Political Science
Future Plans:


Chunou Xiong

Major: Public Policy and Administration
Future Plans:


Thang Xiong

Major: Business Education
Future Plans:


Spring 2013

Latoya Allen

Major: Biological Sciences

Attending UW-Madison for a Ph.D. in Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Deion Burks

Major: Biology

Attending Syracuse University, New York for Biology

Charles Copus

Major: Media & Game Development

Attending UW-Milwaukee for Higher Education Administration

Sarah Hughes

Major: Sociology

Attending University of Buffalo, New York for Sociology

Fall 2012

Jessica Q. Johnson

Major: Math Secondary Education

Attending UW-Whitewater for Master of Science in Education (MSE) for Special Education

McNair Scholars with Terminal Degrees

Name School Employment
Nicole Bronson Ph.D., Health Services, UCLA, 2007 Research Analyst, LA County Health Dept./Lecturer, CSU-LA
Andrew Vila Ph.D., Biochemistry, Medical College of Wisconsin, 2003 Scientist, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals
Timothy Blenkinsop Ph.D., Neuroscience and Biophysics, New York University, 2008 Postdoctoral Fellow, New York Neural Stem Cell Institute
Bethany Price Ph.D., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Northern Illinois University 2009 Assistant Professor, University of Chicago Medical School
Jon Penterman Ph.D., Plant Pathology, UC-Berkley, 2007 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington
Maysee Yang Herr Ph.D., Curriculum Studies-Early Childhood Education, Indiana U. 2011 Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, Stevens Point
Bridgett Moss University of Iowa, 2003 (MD) Family Practitioner, Isaac Coggs Heritage Health Center
Milwaukee, WI
Shenetta Webster UW-Madison, 1998 (JD) Philanthropy Director, National Association of Basketball Coaches Wives
Marrick Armstrong Loyola University, New Orleans, 2001 (JD) Partner, Adams and Reese, LLP and Founder, Rom Publishing LLC, Houston,TX
Michelle Kahl UW-Madison 1998 (JD) Commercial Litigation Attorney, New York, NY
Goldy Brown III Ph.D., Educational Policy and Administration, UW-Madison, 2012 Principal, Beloit Public Schools
Starlette Patterson Ph.D., Psychology, UW-Milwaukee, 2012 Counselor, Mindstar Counseling and Lecturer, WCTC
Douglas Kiel Ph.D., Psychology, UW-Madison, 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
Michael Endres Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Indiana University 2012 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Hawaii
Lequez Spearman Ph.D., Kinesiology & Sport Studies, 2013 Assistant Professor- Dept. of Recreation and Leisure, Gordon College
Kathleen Banks Ph.D., Educational Psychology, UW-Milwaukee, 2004 Assistant Professor, Psychology, University of Iowa
Dennis Baskin Ph.D., Educational Administration, UW-Madison, 2008 Director, Educational Services, Wisconsin Department of Corrections
RaMel Smith Ph.D., Educational Psychology, UW-Milwaukee, 2003 Pediatric Psychologist, Children's Hospital, Milwaukee, WI
Margaret Hurkman Ph.D., Biology, UW-Madison, 2001 Plant Breeder, Santa Maria, CA
Sandra Knuteson Ph.D., Environmental Toxicology, Clemson University, 2004 Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences, American University of Sharjah, UAE
Patti Beth Ph.D. Psychology, UW-Madison, 2006 Assistant Professor, Kaplan University, Madison, Wisconsin


Alumni by Cohort year




1992-1993 Cohort

Jewel Abbott BS 1994 MA 1996, UW-Milwaukee  
Kathleen Banks BSE 1994 MA 1997, UW-Milwaukee Ph.D. 2004, UW-Milwaukee
Dennis Baskin BBA 1994 MBA 1997, UW-Whitewater Ph.D. 2008, UW-Madison
Cheryl Blue BA 1994 MA 1997, Temple University  
Montez Coleman BSE 1994 MA 1997, UW-Milwaukee  
Wendy Harris BS 1994 MA 1996, UW-Milwaukee  
Natreece Hill BS 1994 MA 1996, Michigan State  
Gitanjali Kavathekar BS 1993 MBA 1999, UW-Milwaukee  
Rhonda Kelsey BS 1994 MA 1995, UW-Milwaukee  
Pheloundashea Morgan BA 1994    
Bridgett Moss BS 1995   MD 2003, University of Iowa
Marina Olivencia BA 1995 MA 1998, UW-Madison  
Ramon Ortiz BS 1998 MBA 2006, UW-Whitewater Enrolled, UW-Madison
Lonnie Steele BSE 1995 MA 2002, Cardinal Stritch  
Shenetta Webster BBA 1994   JD 1998, UW-Madison
1993-1994 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Marrick Armstrong BBA 1996   JD 2001, University of NO
Rachellee (Brown) Clardy BSE 1995 MS 2000, UW-Whitewater Enrolled, UW-Madison
Vanessa (Ruffin) Diggs BSE 1996 MA 2000, Texas Woman's Univ  
Tamera Ellis BSE 1995 MA 1999, UW-Milwaukee  
Michelle Kahl BA 1994   JD 1998, UW-Madison
Stephanie Maney BSE 1996 MA 2001, Cardinal Stritch Univ  
Terrance McClain BA 1995 MBA 1999, Cardinal Stritch Univ  
Dana Mejia BA 1997 MA 1999, UW-Madison  
RaMel Smith BA 1994   

Ph.D. 2003, UW-Milwaukee
Ryan Villarreal BSE 1995 MA 1997, University of Arizona

1994-1995 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Joy Cole BBA 1997 MBA 2003, UW-Whitewater

Margaret Hurkman BS 1997     Ph.D. 2001, UW-Madison
Sandra Knuteson BS 1995 MS 1999, Clemson University Ph.D. 2004, Clemson University
Daryl Parker BBA 1997 MBA 1998, UW-Whitewater
James Robinson BA 1997 MA 2002, UW-Whitewater  
Babatu Short BA 1996 MA 1998, UW-Whitewater

Jesus Vasquez BS 1997 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
1995-1996 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Martin Baczanski BS 1996    
Patti Beth BS 1997 MS 2001, UW-Madison Ph.D. 2006, UW-Madison
Carla Branch BA 1998


Nicole Bronson BBA 1997 MBA 2000, UW-Whitewater Ph.D. 2007, UCLA
Kimberly Castillo BA 1997 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Darrell Citchen BA 1997 MA 2000, UW-Milwaukee  
Nancy Connor BSE 1998    
Richard Granquist BS 1998 MS 2004, Indiana University  
Thomas Herold BBA 1997

MBA 2001, UW-Milwaukee  
Jennifer Morrison BA 1997 MA 2001, UW-Whitewater  
Judith Mowris BA 1998 

Elana Nichols BS 1997 MS 1999, Carroll College  
Melissa Powell BA 1998


Marijuana Sawyer BSE 1998 MA 2007, GA State University Enrolled, Cardinal Stritch
Kathleen Shields BSE 1998 MSE 2007, UW-Whitewater  
Helene Smythe-Eagle BSE 1997 MSW 1998, UW-Madison  
Steffanie Steinle BSE 1998

Andrew Vila BS 1997

  Ph.D. 2003, Medical College of WI

Marijuana Sawyer BSE 1998 MA 2003, Georgia State University  
1996-1997 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Nicole Cain BA 1999 MSW 2001, UW-Milwaukee  
Youa (Hang) Yang BFA 1998 MA 2006, UW-Whitewater

Thomasina Ivy BBA 1997 MBA 2001, Concordia Univ  
Mario Kimbrough BA 1999 MS 2005, Concordia University  
Gian Lacayo BBA 2000 MBA 2002, UW-Whitewater  
Gloria LaLlave-Ordonez BBA 1999    
Mari Ann Menager BA 1998 MA 2003, UW-Whitewater  
Sandra Norstrom BA 1998

Vickie Oritiz-Vazquez BA 2000 MA 2003, UW-Whitewater  
Rotonda Smith BA 1998 MA 2006, UW-Whitewater  
Marisa Yanez BA 1999    
Maysee Yang Herr BS 1998 MS 2001, Indiana University Ph.D., 2011, Indiana University
1997-1998 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Aaron Andersen BS 2000   Enrolled, UW-Madison  
Timothy Blenkinsop BS 2000    

Ph.D. 2008, NYU
Gabriella Bradin BA 2000 MA 2004, UW-Milwaukee  
Goldy Brown III BS 2000 MA 2003, UCA-Riverside Ph.D. 2012, UW-Madison
Nakeesha Brown BA 2000 MA 2003, UW-Whitewater  
Nichlos Ewoldt BA 1999 MA 2001, UW-Whitewater  
Sonya Fisk BBA 2000 MBA 2002, UW-Whitewater

Jacob Goodwin BA 2001 MA 2004, Marquette University  
Alejandro Hernandez BS 2000

Keyana Jeffries BSE 2001    
Seandra Mitchell BA 1999 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Laurence Tokoto BA 2001    
Terry Walker BA 2000

Simone Williams BA 2001    
1998-1999 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Michael Butler BA 2000 MSE 2002, UW-Whitewater  
Jeffrey Carlson Jr.

Rita Castillo BA 2001   Enrolled, Alliant University
Lue Hang BBA 2001 MBA 2003, UW-Whitewater  
Joi Johnston BA 2001    
Lakeia Jones BS 2001 MA 2003, Phoenix University  
Mary Lor BA 2000 MA 2003, Marquette University  
Carmen Pereira BSE 2003 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Bethany Price BS 2002 MA 2005, Northern IL Univ Ph.D. 2009, Northern IL Univ
Camille Ross BA 2002

1999-2000 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Mitra Goguen-Paik BA 2002 MA 2008, UW-Madison  
Darnell Malone BBA 2004 MBA 2007, UW-Whitewater  
Jon Penterman BS 2001   Ph.D. 2007, UC-Berkeley
Shemora Traylor BS 2002    
Mikquon Turner BBA 2003 MBA 2005, UW-Whitewater  
2000-2001 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Jennifer Castillo BFA 2003    
Chavelle Chatman BSE 2003 MSW 2008, Cardinal Stritch Univ  
Andrea Hall BA 2003 MSW 2005, Washington University  
Nieves Luedke BA 2005 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Wendy Majewski BS 2003    
James Meler BBA 2003    
Rochelle Peart BS 2003 MBA 2006, UW-Whitewater  
Wilfredo Romero BBA 2003    
2001-2002 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Kelly Ardama BA 2005    
Idola Arroyo BA 2004 MSW 2009, Loyola University  
Niya Bealin BA 2004 MS 2006, UW-Whitewater  
Felicia (Carpenter) Dickfoss BA 2003 MSW 2005, UW-Milwaukee  
Robert Gracia BA 2004 Enrolled, Northeastern University, IL  
Ashley Henning BS 2004 MSW 2009, UW-Milwaukee  
Pao Lee BA 2004 MBA 2006, UW-Whitewater  
Majiedah Pasha BBA 2003 MBA 2005, UW-Whitewater  
Starlette Patterson BS 2003 MA 2007, UW-Milwaukee Ph.D. 2012, UW-Milwaukee
2002-2003 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Toni Bush BA 2005 MA 2007, Northern IL Univ  
Chanette Chatman BA 2004 MSE 2009, National Louis Univ.  
Michael Endres BA 2005 MS 2008, Indian University  Ph.D. 2012, Indiana University
Ebony Evans BA 2005 MS 2007, FL Metroplitan  
Dalisha Groce BA 2004 MSW 2007, UW-Milwaukee  
Yanikka Lemons BA 2004 MA 2009, Indiana University  
Alan Livingston BS 2004 MS 2006, UW-Whitewater  
Jennifer Mehring BA 2006    
Goodson Vue BA 2004 MS 2003, UW-Whitewater  
Mai Xiong BBA 2006 MPA 2007, UW-Whitewater  
Moua Yang BBA 2005 MBA 2007, UW-Whitewater  
2003-2004 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Andrea Janssen BA 2005 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Derek Johnson BA 2006

Enrolled, Edgewood College  
Douglas Kiel BA 2005 MA 2009, UW-Madison Ph.D. 2012, UW-Madison
Carol Ann Olson BSE 2006  
Valerie Rangel BS 2006    
Daniel Rea-Garcia BSE 2007 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Kyle Schmidt BA 2006    
PaDao Thao BSW 2007    
Mai Chue Xiong BBA 2007    
2004-2005 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Carolina Calvillo BA 2007 MA 2010, Western Michigan University Enrolled, UIC
Yazmin Cano BA 2007 MA 2010, UW-Madison  
Ashley Castro BA 2008 MSW 2010, UW-Madison  
Neelam Dhadankar BA 2007

Courtney Luedke BA 2007 MA, UW-Madison  
Angela Miller BA 2007 MSE 2010, UW-Madison  
Samuel Miller BS 2007  MS 2012, Indiana, University Enrolled, Indiana University
Ronnie Murray BBA 2009  Enrolled, UW-Madison
Alejandra Ovalle BS 2006    
Leila Paye BS 2005 MA 2009, Hamiline University  
William Thomas BFA 2009 Enrolled, UNC-Chapel Hill  
Fathy Vang BA 2006    
2005-2006 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Hayley Castro BA 2009 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Ramycia Cooper BA 2007 Enrolled, Roosevelt University  Enrolled, Capella University
Samuel Hernandez BA 2009    
Andrea High BA 2009 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Nancy Huerta BA 2008    
Brittany Jackson BA 2009 Enrolled, Roosevelt University  
Suncerrae Perry BA 2009 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
LeQuez Spearman BA 2008 MA 2010, University of Iowa Ph.D. S 2013, U. Of Tenn.
Vanessa Statam BSW 2007 MSW 2009, UW-Madison  
Jeremey Sturgill BS 2007

Enrolled, Medical College of Wisconsin  
Swayzine Thompson BSW 2009

MSW, UW-Milwaukee  
2006-2007 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Janay Alston BSW 2009 MSW 2010, Ohio State University  
Anastacio Aranda BA 2009 Enrolled, UT-Austin  
Karilin Bare BA 2009 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Kenneth Formby BA 2009 Enrolled, UA-Monticello  
Lynda Gullerud BA 2008   Enrolled, Argosy Univ.
Madonna Marchan BA 2008 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Lacey Moline BA 2008 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Jason E. Moore BS 2010    
John Powell, Jr. BA 2009 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Jessica Solis Enrolled    
2007-2008 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Emily Castellanos BS 2010 Enrolled, UW-Green Bay  
Gina Castro BS 2009 MS 2013, UW-Madison  
Molly Cook BS 2010    
Jennifer L. Hunt BA 2011    
Shylow Prewitt BS 2009 MSW 2012, UW-Madison  
Peter Sackett BS 2012    
Naomi Szpot BA 2010 MA 2013, Suny Oneonta  
Ricard Torres BA 2009 MA 2011, Roosevelt University  
Pedro J. Veloz BA 2010    
Keiyona Williams BA 2010  
2008-2009 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Angel Ashley BBA 2010    
Brianne Coffey BA 2010 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Cordell Gholson, Jr. BBA 2011    
David Jackson BS 2010    
Jessica Johnson BSE 2012 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Amelia Ortiz BA 2010 MA 2013, UW-Whitewater  
Aislynn Pounds Enrolled    
Maria Rodriguez BA 2011 Enrolled, U. of New Mexico  
Melissa Smiley BA 2010 Enrolled, UT-Arlington  
Juan C. Veloz BBA 2011  
Kellee Wilbourn BBA 2010 MS 2012, Roosevelt University  
Courtney Thompson BS 2012 Enrolled, U. of Kentucky  
Jacob Walton BA 2011  
Than Xiong Enrolled    
2009-2010 Cohart B.A./B.S.


Deion Burks BS 2013 Enrolled, Syracuse, NY  
Leticia Castillo BFA 2012    
Keiva Coppage BS 2012 Enrolled, UW-Madison  
Jasmine Crafton BA 2013    
Joseph Dixon BS 2012  Enrolled, Florida Atlantic University  
Evoanna Kelly BSW 2012 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Tiffany Lozoya BSW 2012 Enrolled, UC Berkley  
Domenique Malone BA 2011 MSE 2013(S), UW-Whitewater  
Choua Vang Enrolled    
Melissa Dietsch BA 2012 Enrolled, UW-Madison  
2011-2012 Cohort B.A./B.S.


Latoya Allen BS 2013 Enrolled, UW-Madison  
Jillian Cross BA 2012 Enrolled, Iowa State  
Reid Dickerson BA 2012 Enrolled, Mississippi State  
Bridgette Jordan Enrolled    
Choua Khang Enrolled    
Shia Lee Enrolled    
Milliam Lor Enrolled    
DeJuan Mason Enrolled    
Arie Montgomery BSE 2012 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Maryam Polley BA 2012    
Anthony Richardson Enrolled    
Shanquina Smith BBA 2012 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Cristal Solorzano BA 2012 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater  
Trevon Tucker BA 2013    
Melissa Vue BBA 2012 Enrolled, UW-Whitewater    
Charles Copus BA 2013 Enrolled, UW-Milwaukee  
Precious Holmes Enrolled    
Sarah Hughes BA 2013 Enrolled, Syracuse  
Lucretia Limerick Enrolled    
Amanda Loch Enrolled    
Christopher Maniece Enrolled    
Kurstin Mazzoni Enrolled    
Keng Moua Enrolled    
Vernelle Trueh Enrolled    
LaShauna Wint Enrolled    
Chunou Xiong Enrolled    
 Meng Yang Enrolled