McNair Scholars

What is McNair?

The UW-Whitewater McNair Scholars Program prepares low income, first generation and/or groups underrepresented: Black (Non-hispanic), Hispanic, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiians, and Native American Pacific Islanders for doctoral study as well as eventual careers as faculty. This program promotes:

  • Research in scholarly activities
  • Enrollment in graduate programs
  • Coninued enrollment in graduate programs
  • Doctoral degree attainment

A central feature of the program is the mentoring provided by UW-Whitewater faculty, where each scholar recieves guidance in working on a research project, as well as regular contact with a professional role model. The research component requires each scholar to complete a research project and present that project at a professional conference. Scholars participate in a research internship during their second summer at a university, regional, or national research center.

McNair Qualifications

  • First generation and low income
  • Groups under represented in graduated education (African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans)
  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative g.p.a
  • Earned 60 units by the end of summer 2015
  • Must be a U.S. citizen, or permanent resident

McNair Application Process

1.Turn in the following documents: completed McNair application form,  resume and personal statement to: 219 McCutchan Hall or electronically to

2.Complete meeting with a McNair staff to review application materials, undergraduate research plan and graduate school plans by calling 262-472-2804.

3.McNair Advisory Committee will confirm prospects after formal review.

4.Sign McNair Scholars Program Student agreement.

Key Components (Requires two years)

Academic Year

  1. Individual research with faculty mentor(s)
  2. Individual advising with McNair staff
  3. Prepare for graduate application
  4. Graduate school visit
  5. Mentorship/teaching practicum lecture
  6. Conferences/Presentations
    • UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Day-Fall & Spring
    • McNair Senior Retreat/SSS-Fall
    • McNair National Conference-Fall
    • American Muliticultural Student Leadership Conference (AMSLC) - Spring
    • The National Economic Opportunity Network (NEON) - Fall
    • National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) - Spring
    • UW-Symposium-Spring
    • Posters in the Rotunda (PIR)-Spring

Summer Component (Phase One): Research Seminar

  • Exposure to Writing Literacy
  • Exposure to Financial Literacy
  • Exposure to Technology
  • Exposure to Research Methodology
  • Exposure to Research - Ph.D. Standards
  • Graduate School Visits
  • Research Poster Presentations- On campus and off campus
  • Develop Research Proposal

Summer Component (Phase Two): Research internship 

  • For Phase 2 of the summer component, McNair scholars are required to apply to an out of state summer research internship programs or research site
    Students can apply through Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP), a direct placement, or through any other available program.
    Instructions on how to apply to these programs will be provided.

For more information on Phase II McNair Research Internship Placement Process, click here

Questions? Please contact the McNair office at (262) 472-2804 or

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