Current McNair Scholars

Current McNair Scholars

Nathan Anderson

Senior: English
Mentor: Janine Tobeck, Ph.D., Languages and Literatures
Research Topic: Binary Tension in Ralph Elison's Invisible Man

Asha Bailey

Junior:  Chemistry
Chris Veldkamp, Ph.D., Chemistry
Research Topic:
 The Role of Chemokine in CCL21 in Cancer Metastasis

Amber Ball

Senior: Early Childhood Education 
 Simone De'Vore, Ph.D. 
Research Topic:
 What influences the Sustainability of a Child Care Center

Eric Baron

Junior: Economics
Mentor: Robert Gruber, Ph.D., Accounting 
Research Topic:
 Reforming IAS 29: A Critical Assessment

Brenda Gary

Senior: Finance
Mentor: David Porter, Ph.D., Finance
Research Topic: Does Paying a Front-End Load and/or Other Expenses Affect the Performance of Mutual Funds?

Chastity Harden

Senior: History 
 Nikki Mandell, Ph.D., History 
Research Topic:
 Development of Black Racial Identity, Resiliency, Education and Inner-City Youth: Historical Analysis of Austin Community Acadmemy 1960's-2007

Sebastian Hernandez

Junior: Biochemistry
Mentor: Tulay Atesin, Ph.D., Chemistry
Research Topic: Cometing Hypotheses on Dream Interpretation and Memory Processing

Daryl Johnson

Junior: Geography
Mentor: Rex Hanger, Ph.D., Geography
Research Topic: Geometric Morphometrics, Size-Frequency Distribution, and Taphonomy of Brachipoda from the Hughes Creek Shale (Carboniferous) of Southeastern Nebraska

Alexia Johnson-Cole

Senior: Social Work
Mentor: Sarah Hessenaur, Social Work
Research Topic: An Analysis of African-American Gangs, 1960-2012: Structural and Cultural Factors

Kiwane Kemp

Junior: Psychology
Mentor: Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: The Relationship Between Negotiating Psychological Trauma

Shia Lee 

Senior: English 
Mentor: Tanya Kam, Ph. D., Languages & Literatures 
Research Topic: The Impact of Comic Book Movies in the Past Decade

Lucretia Limerick 

Senior: General Management/Marketing 
Mentor: Helena Addae, Management Department 
Research Topic: 
What are the aspects that help high-school students manage financial stability in Wisconsin within the last decade?

Amanda Loch 

Senior: Chemistry 
Mentor: Eric Brown, Catherine Chan, Biological department 
Research Topic: 
Nanoparticles and the Environment

Milliam Lor 

Senior: International Relations 
Mentor: Kaviraj Parboteeah, Ph. D., Management 
Research Topic: International Communication & Socialization Strategies Among Educational Institutions

DeJuan Mason

Senior: Art 
Mentor: Michael Flanagan, Art 
Research Topic: 
Visual Artists and Their Influence on the African American Community 

Kurstin Mazzoni 

Senior: Social Work 
Mentor: Jim Winship, Social Work Department 
Research Topic: 
Academic Barriers Faced by High-School Mexican Immigrants When Preparing for Higher Education

Brendon Mendoza

Junior: General Businuess
Russ Kashian, Ph.D., Economics
Research Topic: 
A Longitudinal Study in Hispanic Segregation: Delavan, Wisconsin 2001-2012

Keng Moua 

Senior: Communicative Disorders 
Mentor: Scott Bradley, Communicative & Disorders Department 
Research Topic: 
Hearing Damage Due to the Use of Portable Music Players like MP3's, Ipod's, Zunes, etc.

Aislynn Pounds

Senior: Elementary/Middle Education 
Mentor: Anne Stinson, Ph. D., Curriculum & Instruction 
Research Topic: How Involvement in Extra-Curricular Activities Effects High School Seniors G.P.A. and Graduation Rate

Anthony Richardson

Junior: Political Science/Social Work 
Mentor: Jolly Emrey, Ph. D., Political Science 
Research Topic: Extra-Curricular Activities and Their Effects on College Preparation

Daquila Tate

Senior: Social Work
Mentor: Sarah Hessenauer, Ph.D., Social Work
Research Topic: Media and Body Dissatisfaction in Young Adults

Mindy Tao

Junior: Psychology
Mentor: David Havas, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: Embodied Cognition between Westernized and Non-Westernized Hmong

Vernelle Treh

Junior: Psychology 
Mentor: Robert Kuzoff, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Research Topic: Genetic Variation and Development of Autism in Children

Choua Vang

Senior: Biology 
Mentor: Peter Killoran, Sociology, Anthrop., & Crim. Justice 
Research Topic:
 Decomposition in Wisconsin Natural Settings 

Nicholas Walker

Sophomore: Psychology
David Havas, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: 
Reducing the Fundamental Attribution Error by Manipulating the Mirror Neuron System

Jerry Watkins

Junior: Psychology
Mentor: Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: Majors and Labeling through Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

LaCherie Weathers

Junior: Biology
Mentor: Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: The Effects of Racism-Related Stress on the Health of African-American Males 

Larry Williams

Sophomore: Chemistry
Mentor: Chris Veldkamp, Ph.D., Chemistry
Research Topic: The structure of CCL21 and the Receptor CCR7

Thang Xiong

Senior: Business Education 
Mentor: Lila Waldman, Ph. D., Information Technology & Business Education (ITBE) 
Research Topic: Language Barriers of First Generation English Language Learners in English as a Second Language

Meng Yang 

Senior: Marine Biology 
Mentor: John Ejnik, Chemistry Department 
Research Topic: Methylmercury Levels in Fish and How to Reduce or Remove It


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