McNair Scholars

Current McNair Scholars

Mujjada Ahmad

Junior: Pyschology
Mentor: Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: How family cultural and economic backgrounds affect younger children's behavior in Kindergarten

Harrison Amyotte

Junior: Computer Science
Mentor: Cheng Thao, Ph.D., Mathematical & Computer Sciences
Research Topic: Version Control history & Software Product lines

Asha Bailey

Senior:  Chemistry
Chris Veldkamp, Ph.D., Chemistry
Research Topic:
 The Role of Chemokine in CCL21 in Cancer Metastasis

Aaliyah Benford

Junior: Psychology
Mentor: Barbara Beaver, Ph.D., Psychology 
Research Topic:
 The psychological effects that colorism has on minorities

Marcy Beutlich

Junior: Psychology
Mentor: Sandra Street Ph.D., Psychology 
Research Topic:
 Self-efficacy and Performance Level on a Female Athlete's Social Comparison as it relates to Body Dissatisfaction

 Aaron BroadwaterAaron Broadwater

Senior: Supply Chain management
Mentor: James Levy, Ph.D., History
Research Topic:
 Factors Affecting Success Rates in Black Owned Businesses in Milwaukee, WI

 Reina BuchroederReina Buchroeder

Junior: Biology
Mentor: Katy Katovich, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Research Topic:
 Utilizing Insects to Investigate Crime Scenes

Fernanda Conteras

Senior: Political Science/Economics
Mentor: Jolly Emrey Ph.D., Political Science
Research Topic:
 The Outliers of Electoral Success of Women in Congress

 Lat"Anna DavisLat'Anna Davis

Junior: Sociology
Mentor: Chandra Waring, Ph.D., Sociology, Ciminology & Anthropology
Research Topic:
 Race and Ethnicity and its Effects on Public Health

Michael Dorn-Reed

Junior: Physics
Mentor: Ozgur Yavuzcetin Ph.D., Physics
Research Topic:
 How Lithium Niobate can be used to measure the force of strain on an object

 Wilson DorseyWilson Dorsey

Senior: Sociology
Mentor: Stanislav Vysotsky, Ph.D., Sociology
Research Topic:
 Transformative Strategies in the Community Organization

Radaya Ellis

Junior: Biology
Mentor: Brett Woods Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Research Topic:
 The behaviors of marmots to determine mating patterns

Shad EvelynShad Evelyn

Junior: Chemistry
Mentor: Brett Woods, Ph.D., Biological Sciences 
Research Topic:
 A Biogeochemical Paradigm for High Elevation Ecosystems - Studying the effects of Elevation on Marmots

Tyler HendersonTyler Henderson

Senior: Sociology
Mentor: Chandra Waring, Ph.D., Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology
Research Topic: African American Portrayals in media; Content analysis of the shows "The Wire" vs. "Empire"

Gregory JacksonGregory Jackson

Senior: Biology
Mentor: Kris Curran, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Research Topic: Developing a tool to study circadian rhythms in early development of Xenopus Laevis (Per 2)

Kejuane Jennings

Junior: Math Education 
 Fe Evangelista, Ph.D., Mathematical & Computer Sciences
Research Topic:

Marcos Lares

Junior: Biological Sciences
Mentor: Heather Pelzel, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Research Topic: Designing a new mammalian expression vector that encodes a human HDAC3-GFP fusion protein

Shavaughn Lawson

Senior: Sociology
Mentor: Chandra Waring, Ph.D., Sociology
Research Topic: Tokenism among minorities in leadership positions

Alexis Lockett-GloverAlexis Lockett-Glover

Junior: Pyschology
Mentor: Carolyn Morgan, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: African American Perceptions with Authority Figures

George PaaseweGeorge Paasewe

Senior: Sociology
Mentor: Kristin Lavelle, Ph.D., Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology
Research Topic: African-American Experiences with Code-Switching

Connel PattersonConnell Patterson

Senior: Political Science
Mentor: David Cartwright, Ph.D., Philosophy and Religious Studies
Research Topic: Philosophical Investigations of the Paranormal

Aislynn Pounds

Senior: Elementary/Middle Education 
Mentor: Anne Stinson, Ph. D., Curriculum & Instruction 
Research Topic: How Involvement in Extra-Curricular Activities Effects High School Seniors G.P.A. and Graduation Rate

Anthony Richardson

Senior: Political Science/Social Work 
Mentor: Jolly Emrey, Ph. D., Political Science 
Research Topic: Extra-Curricular Activities and Their Effects on College Preparation

Shyterria SparkmanShyterria Sparkman

Senior: Criminology
Mentor: Gregory Jeffers, Ph.D., Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology Research Topic: Social Concepts Associated with Serial Killers

Daquila Tate

Senior: Social Work
Mentor: Sarah Hessenauer, Ph.D., Social Work
Research Topic: Media and Body Dissatisfaction in Young Adults

Calvin VangCalvin Vang

Senior: Geology
Mentor: Rex Hanger, Ph.D., Geography and Geology
Research Topic: Paleoecology of Lake Lahontan and Lake Scuppernong

Nicholas Walker

Junior: Psychology
David Havas, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: 
Reducing the Fundamental Attribution Error by Manipulating the Mirror Neuron System

DeJuan Washington

Senior: Communication
James Levy, Ph.D., History
Research Topic: 
African American Male Success in Higher Education

Sylvia Washington

Junior: Sociology
Chandra Waring, Ph.D., Sociology
Research Topic: 
The Abandoned Self through Music: Transitioning from Hip Hop & R&B to Mainstream Pop

Larry Williams

Junior: Chemistry
Mentor: Chris Veldkamp, Ph.D., Chemistry
Research Topic: The structure of CCL21 and the Receptor CCR7

Diarra WoseDiarra Wose

Senior: Biology
Mentor: Kris Curran, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Research Topic: Designing a Tool to Investigate the Rhythmic Circadian Clock                 Genes in Developing Xenopus laevis (Per 1)

Naiheima YoungNaiheima Young

Junior: Psychology  
Mentor: Heather Niemeier, Ph.D., Psychology
Research Topic: The fundamentals of ACT and CBT in weight loss in college  students