McNair Scholars Testimonials

McNair Scholars Testimonials

"Being a McNair Scholar has given me the opportunity to do things that I didn't know I was capable of doing for example, completing a research proposal. Before becoming a part of the McNair Scholar family I didn't know what a research proposal, CVs, or personal statement was. This has been the best part of my undergraduate career." - Larry Williams III

"The program has helped me develop and expand on my interpersonal skills such as; public speaking, teamwork and building, assertiveness, and disguising my non-verbal's." - Alexia Johnson-Cole

"Becoming a McNair scholar has been one of the most honorable accomplishments to occur in my college career. It has also been one of the most wonderful experiences of all my research opportunities. The McNair Scholars Program has equipped and transformed me into becoming the person I sought to be. It equipped me to not only to discover past and present information, but to find and fill gaps and construct my very own ideas. It challenged me to prove myself as a researcher and a scholar. Thus, I am prepared to pursue a Ph.D. " - LaCherie Weathers

"The greatest thing about the McNair program is the freedom it allows. So often class assignments frame a student's research or a word count limits a student's inquiry. But McNair allowed me to find a topic that interested me and explore it in more depth. It also allowed scholars the chance to form new or better relationships with faculty members, forming a better network and providing better support for graduate school." - Nathan Anderson

"My favorite part was the very end which was bitter sweet but by this time finally able to take a sigh of relief as I saw all the hard work I had done come together, was able to look back and analyze the entire program, take in and realize all that I had learned, all who I had met, and what I needed to do in order to move forward." - Chastity Harden


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