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Current Job Postings

While the Academic Support Center is accepting all applications for the semester, we are immediately looking to fill the following vacancies for the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • Accouting 244, 249, 261, 343, 451, & 461 tutors
  • Biology 120, 141, 142, 251 & 253 tutors (must be able to attend the respective Biology lecture course)
  • Biology tutor (able to provide one-on-one support for Biology 141, 142, 251 & 253)
  • Chemistry 102, 104, & 251 S.I. tutors (must be able to attend the respective Chemistry lecture course)
  • Chemistry tutor (able to provide one-on-one support for Chemistry 102, 104 & 251, along with having strong math skills)
  • Computer Skills tutors for COMPSCI courses
  • Computer Skills tutors for MAGD courses
  • Economics tutors (especially looking for Economics majors or minors)
  • Gen. Ed. tutors (especially GENED 390 tutors with strong writing skills; also need GENED 110 through 140 where we currently do not have a tutor for a particular instructor)
  • HPRC tutors for PEPROF 371 - KINESIOLOGY
  • Math tutors (able to tutor pre-algebra through trigonometry, Math 40 though Math 152, with a willingness to learn Math 143 material)
  • Office Staff/Public Relations (must have a good work ethic and strong communication skills)
  • Psychology tutors for PSYCH 215 - BASIC STATISTICAL METHODS
  • Social Work (especially with strong writing skills and knowledge of APA documentation)
  • Writing tutors (ideally with firm understanding of MLA & APA documentation, or a willingness to learn both)

Applications can be found by clicking here.