Information for Instructors Requesting S.I.

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Information for Instructors Requesting S.I.

Making a Request

An instructor offering a large-section of a freshman or sophomore level course with a traditional high percentage of D/F grades can request S.I. by contacting the director of the Academic Support Center, ideally in the middle of the semester that precedes the semester when S.I. would be provided.

However, the S.I. model has been successfully applied and offered for a variety of other courses, including upper level classes with smaller enrollments, so all requests are considered.

Requests (or questions) can be submitted via e-mail to or to the director at; in addition, you may call 472-1230. If you do not receive a reply within a few days, call 472-1230 or 262-472-4985.

Following Approval of Request

Once a request is approved, the instructor will be asked to assist the director in finding a student who has already successfully completed the course with at least a B grade to serve as an S.I. leader. This student must be available to attend all the classes and hold 2-3 weekly, one-hour long S.I. sessions. At these S.I. sessions, the group leader facilitates cooperative, interactive learning, with the emphasis on active comprehension and retention strategies, not just "repeating the lecture."

Across the board, students who regularly utilize S.I. (3 or more visits in a semester) earn roughly a half a letter grade higher than their peers in the same class, so it is an effective model PROVIDED students actually attend the S.I. sessions. The more you can do to advocate and vocally support both the sessions and the S.I. group leader during your class, the better attended the sessions will be.

Finally, while the level of instructor involvement with the S.I. group leader varies, it is important to at least maintain open lines of communication and conference when deemed necessary. The director of the Academic Support Center is always available to assist in the process.

For additional information on the training process, job descriptions, and contracts for S.I. Group Leaders, please click on "Job Information and Applications" and "Tutor Training Process" found to the left. A good summary of Supplemental Instruction can be found at More detailed information can be found at


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