Supplemental Instruction Leaders, In-Class Tutors, & Cybertutors

Academic Support Center, McCutchan Hall

Supplemental Instruction Leaders, In-Class Tutors and Cybertutors

The following are the current S.I. leaders and their email addresses. They would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have concerning their sessions.

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Alexis Baker

Amanda McCormick

Anthony Galston

Ashley Hallett

Ashley Hoeft

Ashley Sheafor

Aubree Freeman

Bailey Kupfer

Ban Ahmed


Brooke WickmanBrooke Wickmann

Cailey Malnarick

Callie Horton

Caryn Names

Cesar Tamayo


Chris Hautala




Corey Roberts

Corissa Kressin



Dustin RondeauDustin Rondeau

Edwin WincekEdwin Wincek

Emily SodemannEmily Sodemann

Emilia Cedron

Erica HaglundErica Haglund

Erin Platz




Haley HentrichHaley Hentrich

Hannah Pettepiece






Jaclyn Krizka

Jenna Hoeffert

Jenna McMillan

Jennyfer Sedall

Jessica Ayres

Jesse McCann

Jordan Myers 

Jose Zenteno

Joshua Day

Jozef Pisula

Justin Smith

Kayla Helgeson

Kayla Trimborn

Kelsey Beld

Kenneth Penzkover

Laura Eidem

Laura Lammers

Leah Suchomel

Lisa Lang





Margaret Angeli

Maria Hirsch

Mathew Sheahan

Matthew Schield

Matthew SobczakMatthew Sobczak

Melissa KennedyMelissa Kennedy

Molly Minick

Nick Abild

Nicole Burke

Nicole LutterNicole Lutter





Paul Robarge

Paul Stephenson

Promise TriplettPromise Triplett

Qining Fan

Rachel LewandowskiRachel Lewandowski

Rachel Saueressig

Richard GrunewaldRichard_Grunewald

Robert Dugar





Samantha McCumber


Sarah Isberner

Stefinie Winter

 Stephanie Nigon 

Taylor Peltier

Tyler FilipiakTyler Filipiak


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