Chancellor Delegations

      Chancellor Delegations

      (Note: Delegations are by position, names are presented as a convenience only.)

      (Last Updated: 8/07)

      GAPP--General Administrative Policies and Procedures
      FPPP--Financial Policies and Procedures
      Financial Delegations
      Other Delegations--Purchase of Services
      Other Delegations--Sale of Services
      Facility Use Delegations

      Quick Links to Delegations

      GAPP 2, Financial Administration of Extramural Support
      GAPP 18, Employment of Student Help
      GAPP 27, Ownership, Use and Control of Instructional Materials
      GAPP 29, Special Course Fees
      GAPP 34, Patent Policies and Reporting Requirements
      GAPP 40, Position Management Policy Paper
      FPPP 19, Reimbursement for Moving Expenses
      FPPP 20, Guidelines for Expenditures of Student Segregated Fees and Student or Campus Activity Receipts
      FPPP 22, Instructional Credit Programs Reimbursed by Extramural Sponsors
      FPPP 26, Recruitment & Retention of Students
      FPPP 29, Calculating Salary & Fringe Benefit Payments for Unclassified Appointees
      FPPP 31, Payment for Personal Services
      FPPP 37, Segregated University Fee Policy
      FPPP 44, Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction
      FPPP 45, Study Abroad Programs
      FPPP 46, Prizes, Awards and Gifts
      Financial Delegations
      Facility Use Delegations


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