820 (formerly F20), Guidelines for Expenditures of Student Segregated Fees and Student or Campus Activity Receipts


II, Paragraph 4: Membership must be open to all eligible or qualified students. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the SUFAC and the Chancellor or his/her designee.

Paragraph 5: The allocable portion of the SUF budget must be approved by SUFAC and Chancellor or his/her designee.

III. Guidelines, 1,C.: Representing the institution of the student group in the operation and fulfillment of the mission of the student organizations, student service operations, and student government. (These activities are subject to approval by the Chancellor or his/her designee).

2.C.: On-Campus facilities (buildings and grounds) must be used whenever possible. Exceptions require the approval of the Chancellor or his/her designee.

DELEGATION TO: Ast. Chanc. - Student Affairs (Bilodeau)