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Campus Business Representative Role

Campus Business Representatives (CBRs) provide a liaison role with Financial Services to facilitate operation, training, and access to financial systems. They serve as a conduit for feedback from campus staff on financial reporting, policies and procedures. The CBRs coordinate the dissemination of information about policies to the department/college, and work with staff to understand them within the department/college operations. Campus staff can contact Financial Services or the department/college CBR with questions on financial issues. Below is a list of CBRs by department/college.

Academic Advising & Exploration Center Pamela Tanner 472-5227
Admissions Barbara Loften 472-3155
Athletics Robert Lanza 472-3190
Auxiliary Services/Student Affairs Jeanne Rithamel 472-1501
Bookstore Terri Meinel 472-5632
Budget Office Aimee McCann 472-5955
Center for Global Education Candace Chenoweth 472-5178
Center for Students with Disabilites Elizabeth Watson 472-1630
Children's Center Holly McFaul 472-1267
College of Arts & Communication Adelaide Atkielski 472-1221
College of Business & Economics Chris Clements 472-1343
College of Education & Professional Studies Katy Heyning, Jody Marquart 472-1389
College of Letters & Science David Travis, Joan Fox-Drake 472-1710
Facilities, Planning & Management Greg Swanson 472-6703
Financial Aid Irene Bowden 472-1130
Financial Services Vonnie Buske 472-1331
First Year Exper and Learning Communities Adrianna Guran, Tami Magsamen 472-3205
Graduate Studies & Continuing Education Sally Lange, Carrie Lencho 472-5242
Human Resources & Diversity Judi Trampf 472-4672
iCIT Dawn Brockwell 472-7790
Internal Audit Ann Iverson 472-5671
Leadership Development & Career Services Ron Buchholz 472-1950
Multicultural Affairs & Student Success Richard McGregory 472-4985
Office of the Chancellor Rebecca Reichert, Elizabeth Woolever 472-1921 / 1918
Office of the Provost Hermie Snorek, Joan Schrank 472-1672
Parking Services Robert Brecklin 472-5284
Police Services Deanne Thornsen 472-3180
Recreational Sports & Facilities Gary Harms 472-1544
Registrar Jan Nordin 472-1211
Research & Sponsored Programs Denise Ehlen 472-5212
Residence Life Frank Bartlett 472-5301
Risk Management Lance Fredrick 472-5723
Student Life Kristen Burton 472-1533
University Advancement Fawn Beck 472-1482
University Center Robert Barry 472-6223
University Health & Counseling Katherine Banna 472-1300 ext 2248
University Library Myrna McCallister 472-5516
Young Auditorium/Cultural Affairs Malinda Hunter 472-4869