Parent Authorizations

Authorized Access to Student Information

There are two options for a student to allow a parent, spouse or guardian (or any other person) access to billing information or access to contact Student Accounts with questions regarding their account. "Authorized Users" - allows access to view/pay bills. "Authorization for release of information" - allows specified individuals to contact the student accounts office with questions regarding the students account.

Authorized Users

Authorized users are set up through the billing site. Login to WINS > Student Center > View Bill\Pay Bill - this will launch you into TouchNet (net ID and password are the same as on WINS).  Once logged in, click on the "Authorized Users" tab on the top of the page and follow the prompts. You will simply enter the email address of those you wish to receive notifications.  The user will receive an email with a login and temporary password that they will need to change. After the authorized user is set up, that person will receive future e-Bill notifications when there is a new bill to review. Only the student can reset a users password if it is lost, or forgotten or they get locked out. They need to take the authorized users email address out, save the record, and put the email address back in. This will send a new messge to the authorized user and a new temporary password, which the user can then reset themselves. 

Authorization for release of information

The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1976, as amended, is a federal law that affords students certain rights and protects their privacy and confidentiality with respect to their educational records.  If you would like to allow specified individuals access to your financial records, complete an Authorization for Release of Information form. This will allow the person authorized to contact Student Accounts to ask questions about your account. This form does not authorize access to receive an E-Bill or access to your the WINS Account.