Refund Information

      Refund Information

      Refunds are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. E-refunds are processed first, and paper checks are processed and mailed approximately one week later.

      Sign up for e-Refunding to get your money electronically deposited into the bank account of your choice. To sign up for e-Refunding, follow the e-Refunding instructions [PDF]. Once you have set up your refund/payment profile, your refund check will be deposited in approximately 2-3 business days after it has posted to your student account on WINS. The funds will be available to you as soon as they are deposited. All future refunds will be direct deposited into the account you set up.

      If you elect to receive your refund via paper check, you can expect your refund to be delayed at least one week. Fall paper checks will begin processing the 2nd week of classes. These checks are mailed to you. While school is in session, checks are mailed to the local address; when school is not in session, checks are mailed to the home address. During the Winterim Term, all checks are sent to the home address. Refund checks cannot be picked up at the Cashiers Office window.


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