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After an Dept Request and Change Form is Submitted...

  1. Individual requesting changes to an established code or a new Fund-Program-Dept code will complete the appropriate sections of the form according to instructions provided. The form will be signed by the requester and by the division budget contact.

  2. Chancellor's Division: Aimee McCann, Hyer Hall 330D
    Academic Affairs: Aimee McCann, Hyer Hall 330D
    Administrative Affairs: Aimee McCann, Hyer Hall 330D
    Student Affairs: Tim Rios, Hyer Hall 200

  3. The completed form will be sent to Financial Services.

    • Approved requests for changes to an established Fund-Program-Dept will be entered into the database and forwarded to University of Wisconsin Processing Center (UWPC) for update if appropriate. A copy of the request for change will be sent to the Budget Office.

    • Requests for a new Fund-Program-Dept code will be reviewed according to campus defined requirements for the establishment of Dept codes. Approved requests for new Fund-Program-Dept codes are coded upon consultation with the Budget Office. Financial Services will update the new Fund-Program-Dept code to the campus database and send to UWPC for update. A budget transfer form must be completed to create an initial budget and submitted along with the request form.

  4. If the request for the change, or for the establishment of a new Fund-Program-Dept is not approved according to campus defined requirements, the request will be returned to the requester with the reasons for denial or with a request for additional information.

  5. The bottom section of the form will be completed by Financial Services and returned to the requester.