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Department Code Structure

It is recommended that you view a brief explanation of the department code structure by viewing our Department Code Structure Explanation page.

Division Short Name Long Description Manager Name
10 GENEDAD Gen Educ Admin  
10-10 CHANCOFF Chancellor Office Richard Telfer
10-11 GOVERN Governance Aimee Arnold
10-13 INTCOLATHL Intercol Athletics Bob Lanza
10-14 MENSATHL Men's Intercol Athl Bob Lanza
10-15 WOMENSATHL Women's Intercol Athl Bob Lanza
10-16 U-WIDE GEN OPS University-Wide General Operations Aimee Arnold
20 ACADAFDIV Acad Aff Division  
20-10 PROVOST VC and Provost Beverly Kopper
20-11 ASVICECHANC Assoc Vice Chanc Beverly Kopper
20-12 CTRGLOBALED Ctr for Global Ed Candace Chenoweth
20-13 ACADSUPSERV Academic Support Serv Richard McGregory
20-16 UNIVLIB University Library Myrna McCallister
20-17 ACAD ASSESS Academic Assessment Joan Cook
20-18 RESADMIN Research Admin Denise Ehlen
20-19 INST RESEARCH Instituional Research Beverly Kopper
21 COLLBUSECON Coll of Bus and Econ  
21-10 DEANBUSECON Dean of Bus and Econ Christine Clements
21-11 ACCOUNTING Accounting Christine Clements
21-12 ITSCM Info Tech and Supply Chain Mgmt Christine Clements
21-13 ECONOMICS Economics Christine Clements
21-14 FINBUSLAW Finance Bus Law Christine Clements
21-15 MANAGEMENT Management Christine Clements
21-16 MARKETING Marketing Christine Clements
22 COLLEDUC Coll of Educ  
22-10 DEANEDUC Dean of Education Katy Heyning
22-11 COMMDIS Comm Disorders Katy Heyning
22-12 EDUCFOUND Educ Foundations Katy Heyning
22-13 COUNSEDUC Counselor Educ Katy Heyning
22-14 MILITARYSCI Military Sci Katy Heyning
22-15 HPER HPER Katy Heyning
22-16 CURRINST Curr and Inst Katy Heyning
22-17 OCCUPENV Occ Env Safety Health Katy Heyning
22-18 SPECEDUC Special Educ Katy Heyning
22-19 FIELDEXP Field Experiences Katy Heyning
23 COLLARTCOMM Coll of Art and Comm  
23-10 DEANARTCOMM Dean of Art and Comm Mark McPhail
23-11 ART & DESIGN Art and Design Mark McPhail
23-12 COMMUNICATION Communication Mark McPhail
23-13 MUSIC Music Mark McPhail
23-14 THEATER Theater - Dance Mark McPhail
23-15 ILY Young Auditorium-Cultural Aff Ken Kohberger
24 COLLLETSCI Coll of Lett and Sci
24-10 DEANLETSCI Dean of Let and Sci David Travis
24-11 WOMENSTU Women's Studies David Travis
24-12 BIOLOGY Biological Sciences David Travis
24-13 CHEMISTRY Chemistry David Travis
24-14 LANGLIT Languages and Lit David Travis
24-15 GEOGRAPHY Geography David Travis
24-16 GEOLOGY Geology David Travis
24-17 HISTORY History David Travis
24-18 INTLSTUDIES Intl Studies David Travis
24-19 MATHEMATICS Mathematics David Travis
24-20 PHILRELSTU Phil and Rel Studies David Travis
24-21 PHYSICS Physics David Travis
24-22 PUBPOLADMIN Publ Policy Admin David Travis
24-23 POLSCI Political Science David Travis
24-24 PSYCHOLOGY Psychology David Travis
24-25 SOCIALWORK Social Work David Travis
24-26 SOCIOLOGY Soc and Anthropology David Travis
25 GRADCONTED Grad Studies and Cont Educ  
25-10 CONTEDUC Continuing Educ John Stone
25-11 EXTNONCRED Ext Non Credit John Stone
25-12 EXTCREDOUT Ext Cred Outreach John Stone
25-13 GRADSTU Graduate Studies John Stone
25-14 SUMMSESS Summer Session John Stone
25-15 WINTERIM Winterim John Stone
25-16 LEARN CTR Learn Center John Stone
25-18 CAMPS Cont Ed Camps John Stone
26 iCIT Instrl, Comm & Info Tech  
26-10 iCITADMIN iCIT Admin/CIO Office Elena Pokot
26-11 NOC Network Operation Ctr Elena Pokot
26-13 OTEC Office Tech Entrps Comm Elena Pokot
26-14 ITS Instrl Tech Services Elena Pokot
26-15 AIS Admin Info Services Elena Pokot
27 ENROLL Enrollment and Retention  
27-10 ASSTVCHANCENROLL Assist V.Chanc-Enroll & Reten Matthew Aschenbrener
27-11 REGISTRAR Registrar Jodi Hare
27-12 ADMISSIONS Admissions Jeff Blahnik
27-13 FINAID Financial Aid Carol Miller
27-14 ADVISING Academic Advising & Exploration Pamela Tanner
27-15 First YEAR EXP First Year Experience Adrianna Guram
27-16 LEARNCOMM Learning Communities Adrianna Guram
30 ADMAFFDIV Admin Aff Division  
30-10 ASSTCHANADMAFF Assist Chac Admin Jeff Arnold
30-15 ADMINPROGDEV Admin Aff Prog Dev Jeff Arnold
30-30 HUMANRES Human Res Diversity Judith Trampf
30-4X FINSERV Financial Services Vonnie Buske
30-50 POLICE Police Matt Kiederlen
30-60 GENSERV General Services Greg Swanson
30-70 RISKMGMT Risk Management Lance Fredrick
30-8X FACPLAN Facilities Planning Greg Swanson
30-84 POWERPLANT Power Plant and Util Greg Swanson
30-85 PROJECTS Projects Greg Swanson
30-90 PARKING Visitor and Park Robert Brecklin
40 STUAFFDIV Student Aff Division  
40-10 ASSTCHANSTUAFF Assist Chanc Stu Aff Tom Rios
40-11 STULIFE Student Life Mary Beth Mackin
40-12 CAREERS Career Services Ron Buchholz
40-13 CHILDCENT Children's Center Holly McFaul
40-20 HEALTHCTR Stu Health Center Richard Jazdzewski
40-21 HEALTHCOUNS Health and Counseling Richard Jazdzewski
40-22 EMPLOYEEAST Employe Assistance Richard Jazdzewski
40-25 CTRSTUWDIS Ctr for Stu w Disabil Elizabeth Watson
40-30 PROGASST Project Assist Elizabeth Watson
40-80 AUXSERV Auxiliary Serv & Adm Bob Barry
40-81 BOOKSTORE Bookstore Terri Meinel
40-82 HAWKCARD Hawk Debit Card Bob Barry
40-83 STADIUM Outdoor Facilities and Fields Gary Harms
40-84 RESDINING Res Dining Bob Barry
40-85 RESLIFE Residence Life Frank Bartlett
40-86 TEXTBOOK Textbook Rental Terri Meinel
40-87-88 UNIVCTR Universitiy Center Bob Barry
40-90 RECREATION Rec Sports and Fac Gary Harms
40-91 INTRAMURALS Intramurals Gary Harms
40-92 GENREC General Recreation Gary Harms
40-93 WHEELCHAIR Wheelchair Sports Gary Harms
40-94 CLUBSPORT Club Sports Gary Harms
40-95 LEADDEV Leadership Dev Ron Buchholz
50 UNIVRELDIV University Advancement  
50-10 ASSTCHANUNREL Assistant Chanc Univ Adv Jon Enslin
50-11 UNIVMARKETANDMEDIA Univ Market and Media Relations Sara Kuhl
60 STUASSTDIV Student Assist Division  
60-10 ADVOPP Adv Opportunity Prog Richard McGregory
60-11 UNDGRADMIN Undergrad Min Ret Richard McGregory
60-12 PELL Pell Grants Carol Miller
60-13 EDUCOPP Educ Oppor Grants Carol Miller
60-14 MATCHFED Match of Fed Prog Aimee Arnold
60-15 PERKINS Perkins Student Loans Vonnie Boske
60-16 TRUSTFUNDS Trust Funds Vonnie Buske
60-17 WORKSTUDY Work Study Carol Miller
95 SEGFEEAD Seg Fee Admin  
95-10 SEGFEESADMIN Seg Fees Admin Tom Rios
95-11 SEGFEELOAN Seg Fee Loan Aimee Arnold
96 MISCSTACTS Misc Student Act  
96-10 MISCSTACTS Misc Student Act Aimee Arnold
98 UNITWIDE Unit Wide  
98-00 UWPCMERG UWPC Merger Default Codes Aimee Arnold
98-0020 UWPCCLEAR UWPC Clearing Account Aimee Arnold
98-0030 TRANSDEF Transactions Default Aimee Arnold
98-08 INVESTMENT Investment Aimee Arnold
98-0929 FUND128 Fund 128 Aimee Arnold
98-0934 FUND134 Fund 134 Aimee Arnold
98-0947 FUND147 Fund 147 Aimee Arnold
98-10 BASERED Base Reductions Aimee Arnold
98-11 FRINGES Fringe Benefits Aimee Arnold
98-12 LENGTHOFSERV Length of Service Aimee Arnold
98-13 CLASSCOMP Classified Comp Aimee Arnold
98-15 INCSUBJTOAPP Increase Subj to App Aimee Arnold
98-16 BUDGCLRG Budget Clearing Aimee Arnold
98-17 EXTREIMBURSE Ext Reimbursement Aimee Arnold
98-18 REQSAVINGS Required Savings Aimee Arnold