Financial Services - Student Accounts/Cashiers

Financial Information

Financial Aid payments

Students receiving financial aid are subject to the same payment deadlines as other students. Do not assume your financial aid will be available to pay your university bill on time. Most aid is processed in time, but if you have not submitted your information timely, have not met all qualifications for aid, had to provide more information for verification, or have not accepted or completed follow up tasks required for the aid, your aid may be delayed. You will need to check your WINS account to confirm that aid has processed by the payment due date. Finance charges will still apply to accounts with delayed aid.


Scholarships take up to 10 days to process through the system. These checks should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the payment deadline.

Payments by non-US government third parties

These payments are not credited to your student account until the 3rd party has made the payment to the University. If you have received a letter or payment authorization document from the 3rd party for the University to bill them on your behalf, this must be presented to the Student Accounts Office at least two weeks prior to the start of classes for the applicable term, along with an authorization to release information. Any delay in submitting this document will delay the University's courtesy billing to the 3rd party, and will most likely delay a payment by the 3rd party on your account. Failure of the 3rd party to make a payment toward the student's account will need to be followed up on by the student, as the University takes no responsibility for obtaining this payment. Any changes to the student's class schedule or fees will need to be communicated by the student to the 3rd party.

Finance Charges

A finance charge will be added to any past due balance. This finance charge will be assessed each billing period until the student account is current.

Payment Plan

Students that are in good standing with the University may be eligble for the payment plan during the spring and fall terms - details can be found under Student Accounts/ Payment Plan