Financial Services - Student Accounts/Cashiers

Fall 2017 Term

Tuition Rate

  • University of Wisconsin Whitewater will not have rates for the 2017 - 2018 school year until the end of July when the Board of Regents meet to discuss tuition.  Once the University is informed of the charges the website will be updated and charges will be posted on the students accounts.

Due Dates

  • Fall Payment Due Date: 09/15/2017
  • First Installment: 10/13/2017
  • Second Installment: 11/10/2017

Terms and Conditions for Enrollment can be found HERE

All students enrolling in classes at UW Whitewater need to complete the "Terms and Conditions for Enrollment/Payment Plan" each term. This document contains information for the students about their responsibilities for classes for which they register, payment plan information (fall and spring terms only), and charges on student accounts. A one-time $100 enrollment deposit is required.

The Payment Plan Agreement is available to all eligible graduate and undergraduate students. Important facts from the contract are outlined below:

  1. Eligible charges covered by the payment plan include tuition, meal plans, housing, and online class fees.
  2. An Activation Fee of 1.25% per month on the amount owed for eligible charges will be assessed when the two-month Payment Plan is activated. The payment plan will automatically activate if your payment is not received by the term payment date noted above.
  3. Half of the eligible charges for the payment plan will be allocated to the 1st installment and the remaining charges will be allocated to the second installment.
  4. Charges not eligible for the Payment Plan, such as Course Fees, Health Center Charges, Purple Points, Weight Room Charges, Library Fines, Textbook Charges, etc. are due in full by the due date indicated on your bill at the time of billing.

Students receiving Financial Aid are subject to the same payment deadlines that apply to all other sutdents.  Do not depend on your Financial Aid to be available in time to pay your University bill.