Payment Plan

      Payment Plan

      **Students that are registered for a term with UW-Whitewater have already completed the terms and conditions which is an agreement for the payment plan. All eligible charges not paid by the term due date; will automatically be placed on the payment plan (if the student is eligible and does not have a NCR hold). Student's eligible for the payment plan will be assessed an activation fee of 1.25% per month on the amount owed for eligible charges when the two-month payment plan is activated. The student can pay the eligible charges in two installments:

      1st Installment: 28 days after Term Due Date

      2nd Installment: 28 days after 1st Installment

      • Charges eligible for the payment plan include mandatory segregated fees, tuition, meal plans, housing, online MBA course fees and online Business and Economics course charges
      • Examples of charges that are NOT eligible for the payment plan are course fees, Purple Points, parking permits, weight room fees, health center charges, etc. These charges are due by the due date indicated on the bill.

      **There is no separate agreement completed for the payment plan, it is part of the Terms & Conditions signed by all students before registering for classes. Once signed, the payment plan is automatically activated when there are unpaid charges on the students account. To review the Terms and Conditions for Enrollment, please go to Terms & Conditions


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