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Tax Exempt Form

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, as an agency of the State of Wisconsin, is exempt from payment of:

  1. Wisconsin sales or use tax on its purchases under s. 77.54(9a) (a) Wisconsin Statues.
  2. Personal property tax on property owned, including beneficial ownership under lease/purchase agreements, under s. 70.11 (1), Wisconsin Statues.
  3. Federal tax imposed under Ch. 32, I.R.C. Registration No. 39-73-1021-K was issued to the State of Wisconsin by the Internal Revenue Service. This number is on file with the District Director, U. S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Purchases for taxable property or services may be made by purchase order or by use of a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater purchasing card.

UW employees, while traveling in Wisconsin on UW/State business, are exempt from paying state, county, and local taxes on lodging and should avoid such tax by furnishing the retailer with their UW-System tax exempt card and a university ID. Cards can be obtained from the employee’s home department.

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