Non-work Related Developed Duty Return to Work Procedures

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater will make every effort to return non-work related injured employees back to work as soon as they are medically able. However, it may not always be possible to return every employee back to work prior to their end of healing. Developed duty work is some type of temporary, alternate or modified work that the non-work related injured or ill employee will be assigned during their recovery period. The determining factors will be the extent of their temporary injury or illness and the current workforce needs of the work unit. The following guidelines will be followed when returning a non-work related injured employee back to work prior to end of healing:

  1. Consideration of early return to work with a non-work related injury or illness will require the work department to review its needs and determine if the unit needs match the employee's restricted abilities to work. If possible a developed duty program will be established for the employee.

    1. Non-work related injured employees will not be assigned outside the employee's work unit.

    2. No overtime while on developed duty.

    3. Work needs of the unit may not always be full time. The employee may be assigned 2, 3, 4 etc. hours per day or other time usage combination (may be on other than usual assigned shift).

    4. The period of work under modified duty shall not exceed 30 days after which time the employee's fitness for duty will be reviewed.

    5. The employee and supervisor must agree on the developed duties and both sign the return to work agreement.

  2. Employees must be medically cleared and able to perform the developed job duties as agreed upon by the work unit.

  3. The procedures for determining if the employee is medically fit for the developed duty will be the same as those currently required for early return to work job related injuries. It will be the employee's responsibility to obtain the job description and essential job function information and have their medical provider (physician) sign and authorize the return to work with noted restrictions.

  4. If the work unit is unable to arrange to bring non-work related injured employee back to work early the employee and or their representative may request a meeting with the Human Resources and Diversity office to discuss the issue. However, this is not a grievable matter.