Student Employees

The student employee process incorporates the use of the UW-Whitewater Information Systems Compliance Form for Students. This form will be used to grant student employee access to the University's information systems and can be found in the document list at

The UW-Whitewater Information Systems Compliance Form for Students must be completed and signed by the student employee who will need to access the University's PeopleSoft Student Administration (PSSA) system. After completing the form, the student will return it to his/her supervisor. The supervisor will send the original form (and keep a copy of the form for his/her records) to the Registrar's Office. Human Resources and Diversity does not need this form for student hiring purposes. The supervisor will also send an e-mail message to the Registrar's Office ( to request PSSA access for the student. The email should include the following information:

  • Student name and ID number
  • Brief description of the student's PSSA access needs
  • Supervisor name, department, and contact information.

Upon receipt of both the student employee's signed/completed Compliance Form and the supervisor's email request for access, the request will be approved and granted (or denied) and the supervisor will be notified. Please allow up to 2 weeks (most requests will be done sooner) for the access process to be completed.Subsequent requests by the supervisor to change the student employee's security and/or access (in his/her current employment position) should be made to the Registrar's Office via e-mail at and are binding upon the initial Compliance Form on file.