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Timesheet Information/Instructions

  • All timesheets must be completed in ink.
  • The hours worked for each day MUST be listed, including times for lunch breaks. Please remember to enter AM or PM after the times.
  • The hours for each day and also each week should be totaled and listed.
  • If you have any absences, they should NOT be included in the total hours worked. These are recorded separately in the absence section of the timesheet (lower left corner). Please indicate the date of the leave usage, amount used, and type of leave use (e. g. sick leave, vacation, personal holiday, comp time).
  • If you are required to work on a holiday, please initial the hours worked for the holiday. This indicates that you are aware of the holiday and, yes, you did work.
  • If you have worked any overtime, be sure to indicate if this is to be paid as cash or comp time in the overtime box.
  • Timesheets should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources & Diversity with employee signature. Supervisor signature is also required for the regular hours, as well as any overtime hours worked. If your supervisor is unavailable to sign your timesheet by the deadline, you can send a photocopy for processing. However, when your supervisor returns, it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary signature and submit it to our office.
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