Human Resource System - HRS Project

      Human Resource System - HRS Project

      Student Payroll Training

      Service Center Contact Information
      HRS Major Department Listing
      HRS Student Payroll 1/10/12-Training Slides
      HRS Student Payroll Training Booklet
      HRS Student Payroll Step-By-Step Manager Guide 
      HRS Student Payroll Step-By-Step Student Guide 

      Forms and Information 

      HRS Support - Who To Contact For Help
      New Student Hourly Appointment - Form
      New Student Lump Sum Appointment - Form
      Lump Sum Appointment - Form
      Student Change Appointment - Form
      Student End Appointment - Form

      Coming Soon: Self Service
      Self Service will revolutionize the way UW employees manage their personnel information by putting it at their fingertips where they can access it anytime. Currently, employees can find their earnings, tax, and benefits statements in the My UW System Portal. Self Service will utilize these pre-existing online functions and take information delivery to the next level. Functions of Self Service include:

      • eProfile to update personal information.
      • Online Benefits Enrollment for new hires and 2012 fall annual enrollment period.
      • Easy access to important payroll documents.
      • Online time entry for classified staff (phased rollout through 2012) and student hourly workers.
      • Electronic time sheets approval for manager online.
      • The ability to track leave balances and submit leave requests to managers online, and managers will have the ability to view and approve requests online.
      • The ability to update current TSA contributions.
      • Viewing dependent personal information, including a summary of dependent coverage.

      My UW System will be a one-stop-shop for employee personnel and job relate information. For more information, go to http://hrs.uwsa.eduPlease see the HRS link to the right for more information.


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