Staff Directory

The Office of Human Resources and Diversity is available to facilitate, assist, and consult on all Human Resource-related topics/issues, including employment, benefits, staffing, labor relations, diversity, payroll, contract and policy interpretation, etc. Click on the link above and you will see a listing of Human Resource & Diversity team members, including a brief summary of primary responsibilities. If your topic is not listed, please contact us by phone (262) 472-1024, fax (262) 472-5668 or by e-mail at

Mission Statement

Provide leadership in and achieve the efficiencies of a comprehensive, integrated, customer-focused service by providing professional administration and development of HR&D-related programs and by creating and maintaining strong, diverse and healthy work relationships.

Vision & Values Statement

Deliver a comprehensive array of integrated functions and services that provide direction for and support the institution's human resources and diversity process and informational needs, while developing and maintaining culturally competent expertise and authority for administering human resource and diversity programs and activities.

The VALUES we hold in support of our Mission and Vision are integrity, honesty, humor, teamwork, focus on those we serve and loyalty.