Getting Started with Recruitment

·         In order to start the recruitment, the department must receive approval from their Division Administrator and/or from the Provost's Office/Chancellor's Office.

·         After receiving approval to start the recruitment, complete and submit the following forms to your assigned HR Assistant:

o   Position Description

o   Job Opening Form 

o   Approval to Begin Search

o   Organizational Chart (Non-Instructional Staff)

o   Titling Memo (if appropriate)

·        If it is a Faculty/Tenure Track recruitment, at least 24 hours prior to the first search committee meeting, two public notes must be posted per the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law. Notices may include the following: e-mail announcements, public bulletin boards, and other visible areas likely to be seen by students, faculty, staff, etc.

·         Throughout the recruitment process, please use the following to help assist you:

o   TAM Recruitment Checklist 

o   TAM Approval Flowchart 

o   TAM Search Committee Guide 

o   Knowledge-Based Documents